Ferguson Share Repurchase Program – Weekly Report

Ferguson plc (NYSE: FERG, LSE: FERG) (the “Company”) announces today that it purchased a total of 54,750 of its ordinary shares in the period from December 26, 2023, up to and including December 29, 2023, in connection with its $3.0 billion share repurchase program.

Aggregated information about the purchases carried out during this period

Trading DayAggregate Daily Volume
(in number of shares)
Daily weighted average purchase
price of the shares (USD)
December 26, 2023805193.5538ARCX
December 26, 202386192.8993BATS
December 26, 2023109192.6400BBOK
December 26, 2023100193.2750CDRG
December 26, 2023896193.2796HRTF
December 26, 2023400192.7900IEXG
December 26, 2023280192.8579JSJX
December 26, 2023443192.9800KNLI
December 26, 20235192.9600MEMX
December 26, 20235192.9700XNAS
December 26, 20239,471193.4295XNYS
December 26, 2023100193.1500XTXD
December 27, 20231,600193.2119ARCX
December 27, 2023100193.1700CDRG
December 27, 2023100193.3500JSJX
December 27, 2023400193.5375KNLI
December 27, 2023100193.4600XNAS
December 27, 202311,788193.2148XNYS
December 28, 20231,200193.1175ARCX
December 28, 2023100192.7000BBOK
December 28, 2023100193.5700KNLI
December 28, 202312,351193.1826XNYS
December 29, 2023936193.1124ARCX
December 29, 2023100192.3500EDGX
December 29, 2023247193.4391HRTF
December 29, 2023646193.4287KNLI
December 29, 20234193.5600MEMX
December 29, 20233192.9600XNAS
December 29, 202312,275193.0717XNYS

The Company intends to hold these shares in the storeroom. Following the purchase of these shares( including those bought but not yet settled), the number of shares held by the Company in the storeroom will be. Following the purchase of these shares, the remaining number of ordinary shares in issue will be. The figure of may be used by shareholders( and others with announcement scores) as the denominator for the computations by which they will determine if they’re needed to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, the Company under the Disclosure Guidance and translucency Rules. In agreement with Composition 5( 1)( b) of Regulation( EU) No596/2014( the request Abuse Regulation), as it forms part of UK law by virtue of the European Union( Withdrawal) Act 2018, and the Commission Delegated Regulation( EU)2016/1052, detailed information about the individual purchases can be set up at Ferguson- Investors- Shareholder Center- Share Buy- Back Details- 2023 Share Buy- Back.

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