Expro Celebrates 40 Years of Subsea Success

Leading energy services provider Expro( NYSE XPRO) is celebrating 40 times of successfully leading the way in the subsea sector since the launch of its first subsea test tree system in the North Sea in 1983. From the creation of its first 10ksi subsea test tree assembly( SSTTA) for a disquisition and appraisal well design for Hamilton Sisters in the North Sea in 1983, to the development of its assiduity- leading high debris 15K shear and seal ball stopcock technology in 2023, Expro has remained at the van of subsea wharf string technology. Several of its SSTTA technologies have been on a first-to-vend basis and are necessary in advancing the sector’s capabilities over time. Expro has accepted further than 3,000 subsea deployments in disquisition and appraisal, completion, and intervention operations, and remains a global leader in large-drag SSTTA results.

Alongside the development of the 3 ” 10ksi SSTA in 1983, some of the other subsea well access major mileposts for Expro in delivering ground- breaking technologies over 40 times include 1995 – preface of the first 7 ⅜ ” 10ksi vertical tree completion wharf string system, which supported the growth of the vertical tree request, in the Norwegian North Sea – launch of the assiduity’s first 6 ¾ ” high debris SSTTA system, in the Norwegian North Sea – launch of the first large drag 6 ¾ ” 10ksi subsea electro hydraulic control system, in the Gulf of Mexico – first 6 ¾ ” 10ksi binary drag and mono- drag subsea test tree offshore North Sea and Angola 2007 – first 15ksi 6 ⅛ ” vertical tree SSTTA and electro- hydraulic control system in the Gulf of Mexico 2017- development of 7 ⅜ ” 10ksi high debris SSTTA The elaboration of subsea test tree assemblies has allowed Expro to expand into the open water well intervention request through the preface of both platform- grounded andriser-less well intervention results. Expro’s fidelity to subsea good access operation has lately led to the company being named Intervention Champion of the Time at the OWI Global Awards 2023.

Expro’s subsea capabilities have been boosted by the recent accession of coastal services provider PRT Offshore, the only company to offer a complete Hook-to-Hanger ™ result enabling comprehensive well completions, interventions, and decommissioning services from face to subsea. The accession enables Expro to expand its portfolio of cost-effective, technology-enabled services in the North and Latin America( NLA) region and accelerate the growth of PRT Offshore’s face outfit immolation into the Europe andSub-Saharan Africa( ESSA) and Asia Pacific( APAC) regions. Graham Cheyne, Expro’s Vice President of Subsea Well Access, said “ At Expro, we’ve been first to the request with numerous of our subsea test tree assembly products and, as unborn specialized challenges arise, we believe that with our client- bespoke result gospel, we’ll continue to be at the top of the subsea test tree operation. “ From starting in 1983 supporting drivers in the Norwegian North Sea, we’ve become a global player in all corridors of the world, supplying completely integrated technologies and services from face to seabed – the hook to hangar conception. The subsea test tree request operates in the full well lifecycle – from disquisition and appraisal through to abandonment and decommissioning while continually looking to ameliorate our delivery functional performance, and service quality to our global customer base. “ Whilst leading in this request over 40 times with numerous first-to-request technologies we’re committed to delivering the new technology conditions of hereafter in order to meet our client needs whilst maintaining the high position of service quality and client care.

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