Europcar Mobility Group Achieves Significant Milestones in Its ‘Connected Vehicles’ Initiative

Europcar Mobility Group Advances “Connected Vehicles” Initiative Towards Full Fleet Connectivity by 2024 Europcar Mobility Group is accelerating its efforts to connect all vehicles within its fleet by the end of 2024, marking a significant step forward in its “Connected Vehicles” program. As the leading vehicle rental provider in Europe, Europcar recognizes the importance of vehicle connectivity in gathering essential data while adhering to data protection regulations, ultimately enhancing fleet management efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Currently, out of approximately 250,000 vehicles across all brands (Europcar, Goldcar, Ubeeqo), 125,000 are already connected, achieving a notable milestone. Notably, in certain regions such as the UK and Portugal, the entire fleet is already connected.

Caroline Jannel, Group Operations Director, highlights the immediate operational benefits of the program, including real-time fleet monitoring, optimization of processes such as fuel management and vehicle allocation, enhanced safety and security measures, and streamlined post-accident management. Moreover, moving towards a fully connected fleet promises further automation of tasks like inventory management and invoicing, alongside the potential for enhanced customer experiences through features like direct vehicle access and transparent billing, as well as the prospect of new connected services such as real-time assistance and eco-driving guidance.

In a recent development, Europcar Mobility Group forged a partnership with Ford, enabling seamless access to telemetry data from Ford vehicles, including geolocation, fuel levels, mileage, and maintenance alerts. Roy Tippner, Network Transformation Director overseeing the Connected Vehicles Program, expresses gratitude to Ford for their collaboration, emphasizing the benefits it brings without the need for aftermarket solutions.

Chris Miller, Data Services Manager at Ford Pro Intelligence, commends Europcar’s well-defined connectivity strategy and underscores Ford’s commitment as a partner in supporting the program. The Ford Pro Data Services software provides Europcar with access to a wealth of connected vehicle data from Ford cars and vans, empowering them to enhance operational efficiency and enrich both employee and customer experiences.

This collaboration between Europcar Mobility Group and Ford exemplifies the value of partnerships with car manufacturers in advancing fleet connectivity, ultimately driving innovation and efficiency within the industry.

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