Ecolab Attains 100% Renewable Electricity in Europe Through Windfarm Development Project Conclusion

Ecolab Inc., a leading global advocate for sustainability through its water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions, proudly announces the accomplishment of securing 100% clean electricity to power all its European operations. This feat was made possible through a fruitful collaboration with Low Carbon, a renowned global renewable energy firm.

The journey towards this milestone began in 2022 when Ecolab partnered with Low Carbon to embark on the development of the Mörknässkogen windfarm, strategically located on the western coast of Finland near Vaasa. Today, the windfarm has seamlessly transitioned into full commercial operation, boasting a remarkable capacity of 30MW. Annually, it is expected to generate approximately 100GWh of electricity, equivalent to powering 30,000 homes and mitigating the emission of 20,000 tonnes of CO2e per year.

By harnessing the power produced by this windfarm, Ecolab is now able to cover 100% of its electricity needs across all its European sites, comprising 15 major offices, 26 manufacturing facilities, and seven RD&E centers. This achievement propels Ecolab’s global renewable electricity sourcing level to an impressive 80%, signifying substantial progress towards the company’s overarching goal of attaining 100% renewable electricity globally by 2030, a pivotal component of Ecolab’s 2030 Impact Goals.

Christophe Beck, Chairman, and CEO of Ecolab, expresses the significance of this milestone, stating, “We believe that truly sustainable companies deliver on both their financial and environmental goals. By achieving this milestone in Europe, we’ll be sourcing the renewable energy needed to power our operations and as we electrify our vehicle fleet. These efforts support our continued growth and ability to serve customers, all while moving us closer to our 2030 Impact Goals and a 100% positive future.”

John Isherwood, Managing Director at Low Carbon, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the joint commitment towards a renewable energy-powered world. He remarks, “The 10-year PPA with our Ecolab partners underlines our shared vision for a world that is powered by renewables and will make a vital contribution to Finland’s supply of clean, secure energy.”

This significant renewable power achievement builds upon Ecolab’s previous successes in North America, where the company attained 100% renewable electricity in 2020 through strategic investments in wind and solar projects. As major markets transition towards greener energy sources, Ecolab’s virtual Power Purchase Agreements in North America and Europe pave the way for the company’s transition to electric vehicles. In line with this, Ecolab has recently announced accelerated efforts to electrify its sales and service fleet in North America by 2030.

Ecolab’s proactive initiatives, including Power Purchase Agreements, underscore the company’s commitment to achieving its renewable electricity targets by 2030, surpassing guidelines set by RE100, a global corporate initiative aimed at achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2050, of which Ecolab is a proud member.

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