Cutting-edge Face Authentication for OLED Smartphone Integration

trinamiX, Visionox, and STMicroelectronics Unveil Discreet Face Authentication System trinamiX, a major player in biometric solutions, has teamed up with industry leaders Visionox and ST to create an innovative Face Authentication system. Visionox’s semi-transparent OLED display enables the Face Authentication module to be invisibly integrated behind the screen, ready for mass production at a competitive price. STMicroelectronics contributes its global-shutter CMOS sensor with enhanced near-infrared (NIR) sensitivity. This cutting-edge technology, along with trinamiX’s sophisticated algorithms, offers OEMs a secure and compact Face Authentication solution, available for integration into smartphones within six to nine months.

Experience the Future of Face Authentication at MWC 2024 At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, trinamiX will showcase its ultra-compact Face Authentication module, measuring just 13 x 8 x 4.4 mm, which includes flood and dot illumination and a camera module based on ST’s global-shutter image sensor.

David Maucotel, Head of Personal Electronics at ST’s Imaging sub-Group, commented: “Our global-shutter image sensor, with its outstanding pixel and advanced performance, is a perfect fit for trinamiX’s Face Authentication systems. This new solution highlights ST’s position as a pioneer in Face Authentication for Personal Electronics.”

Visionox’s semi-transparent OLED display, now available at competitive prices, further enhances the system’s performance. trinamiX’s Face Authentication, which combines 2D face recognition with a unique liveness check based on skin detection, meets the stringent security standards of the International Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IIFAA), the FIDO Alliance, and Google’s Android. It is approved for Android integration and high-security applications like digital payments.

Stefan Metz, Head of Smartphone Business Asia at trinamiX, said: “Thanks to our partnership with Visionox and STMicroelectronics, OEMs can easily integrate our solution into their new smartphones, achieving an optimal balance between premium performance and cost efficiency.”

trinamiX Face Authentication, with its patented liveness check, offers both security and convenience, and is the first solution to pass certifications while being invisibly mounted behind an OLED screen.

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