Astronics Secures Contracts Worth up to $75 Million for Dual-Modem Manager Units

Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRO), renowned for its innovative technologies catering to global aerospace, defense, and mission-critical industries, disclosed today that it has clinched contracts from various clients for its Astronics Dual-Modem ModMan (ADMM), with an estimated value reaching approximately $75 million spanning the next 3 to 5 years. The company anticipates a series of purchase orders to roll in throughout the contract period. Mike Kuehn, President of Astronics CSC, expressed, “These contracts and the positive market response to the ADMM underscore our dedication to investing in dependable and cost-effective in-flight entertainment and connectivity hardware.”

Functioning as the core of our connectivity platform, the ADMM efficiently orchestrates communication between satellite and cabin wireless access points, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for passengers. Engineered with future demands in mind, the modem manager is adept at harnessing both current and emerging network technologies, guaranteeing swift, secure, and dependable IP communications for airline passengers, crew, and operational staff.

Setting itself apart, the ADMM facilitates support for multiple-orbit, multi-band capability within a single LRU, thereby expediting time to market for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), airlines, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), while offering unparalleled flexibility.

The ADMM is versatile, suitable for retrofit and OEM applications, and boasts up to two Satellite Communications (SATCOM) modems selected from various network providers, elevating reliability and configurability to unprecedented levels in aerospace ModMan technology. Its platform-based design is adaptable and modem-agnostic, allowing for customization to accommodate satellite networking configurations based on operator preferences. Supporting multi-orbit, multi-beam, and both Ku and Ka satellites, the ADMM capitalizes on nearly every satellite network available.

This latest innovation continues Astronics’ legacy of excellence in the industry, building upon its track record of ModMan units. With over 5,000 aircraft currently equipped with its inflight entertainment and connectivity hardware, Astronics remains the most widely deployed provider in the field.

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