Woodspin, Manufacturer of SPINNOVA® Fibers, Earns FSC® Chain of Custody Certification

Woodspin, the sole producer and distributor of SPINNOVA® fiber derived from wood, has recently achieved certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) for Chain of Custody. This accreditation underscores Woodspin’s commitment to ensuring that the wood utilized in its manufacturing processes can be meticulously traced from its inception to the final fiber product, assuring customers of sustainable sourcing practices.

A joint venture between Suzano, the world’s leading hardwood pulp producer, and Spinnova, a pioneering Finnish materials technology firm, Woodspin relies on responsibly cultivated eucalyptus hardwood sourced by Suzano from Brazilian farms for its operations. With Suzano managing vast tracts of land, including significant conservation areas, the venture is firmly dedicated to sustainable practices.

The FSC® certification is renowned globally for its stringent criteria in promoting responsible forestry practices, safeguarding biodiversity, supporting local communities, and ensuring economic viability. By obtaining this certification, Woodspin reaffirms its adherence to ethical and sustainable principles throughout its operations.

Utilizing a process that eliminates harmful chemicals and pollution, Woodspin produces SPINNOVA® fiber with a substantially smaller carbon footprint and water usage compared to conventional cotton. Leveraging Suzano’s eucalyptus-based materials enables Woodspin to ensure traceability from start to finish while upholding a zero-deforestation policy and comprehensive ethical standards.

Jari Aittakari, Sales Director at Woodspin, emphasized the growing demand for transparency in supply chains, highlighting the FSC® certification as a testament to Woodspin’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Fabian Farkas, Chief Markets Officer at FSC® International, hailed Woodspin’s achievement as a significant milestone in advancing sustainable textile fiber production, underscoring FSC®’s role as a leader in responsible sourcing.

This certification follows the establishment of Woodspin’s inaugural facility in Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2023, which utilizes Spinnova’s innovative fiber technology to produce biodegradable textile fibers. The facility boasts advanced energy recovery systems, minimizing waste and contributing to local energy networks.

Woodspin’s wood-based SPINNOVA® fiber has already garnered attention from global fashion brands such as adidas and Bestseller, signifying a growing recognition of sustainable alternatives in the textile industry.

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