Weichai Power’s 20th Anniversary Seminar: Listing, Reform, Innovation, and Growth

The Weichai Power 20th Anniversary of Listing & Reform, Innovation and Development Achievement Seminar took place in Weifang on March 26. Distinguished guests from various sectors gathered to reflect on Weichai’s journey of transformation and growth. Among the attendees were notable figures such as Shao Ning, former deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council; Peng Huagang, President of China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association; Man Shengang, Secretary of Party Committee and Director of SASAC of Shandong Province; and Liu Yun, Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party Committee, among others.

The focal point of discussion centered around exploring novel avenues for state-owned enterprise reform and innovative development. A key theme emerged, emphasizing the dual approach of “product management + capital operation” as instrumental in Weichai’s industrial advancement.

Weichai’s enduring success was attributed to its commitment to cultivating its own “farmland,” representing a long-term strategic perspective. This approach underscores the importance of nurturing internal capabilities and resources.

Moreover, Weichai Power’s strategic vision extends beyond national borders, aiming to secure a competitive edge in the global arena. Central to this vision is the ownership of essential core technologies, positioning Weichai uniquely in the global marketplace.

The seminar highlighted the significance of synergy within a large group, emphasizing collaborative efforts as integral to Weichai Power’s remarkable success trajectory. This ethos of value multiplication through cooperation underscores the company’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

The event drew a diverse audience, including domestic and foreign brokerages, investors, global partners, media representatives, as well as former and current directors and supervisors of Weichai Power. With over 400 attendees, the seminar served as a platform for insightful dialogue and collective reflection on Weichai’s journey and future prospects.

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