US Coffee Industry: Trends & Projections to 2027 is now offering the “Coffee in the U.S. through 2027: Market Essentials” report by Beverage Marketing. This comprehensive U.S. coffee market research report contextualizes the U.S. market within the global landscape, providing extensive data on coffee production and consumption, growth trends, trade dynamics, advertising insights, and demographic factors.

The report delves into various segments of the coffee market, including ready-to-drink coffee, specialty coffee, coffee pods, and single-cup coffee machines. It also explores the organic coffee market and other facets of this ever-evolving beverage industry, which has transitioned from a conventional commodity to a specialized market driven by innovation.

Key features of the report include:

  • Excel spreadsheets presenting detailed data.
  • A concise executive summary highlighting significant developments, including the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Detailed analysis of leading coffee companies.
  • In-depth exploration of market trends and dynamics.

Key questions addressed in the report include:

  • Consumption trends: How has coffee consumption per person changed from 2022 to 2023? What is the performance comparison between decaf and caffeinated coffee?
  • Market growth: Which segments of the coffee market experienced the fastest growth? Which segments are losing market share in the U.S.?
  • Distribution channels: What are the principal distribution channels for coffee? How have these channels evolved in terms of market share?
  • Future outlook: What are the growth expectations for the coffee market, including ready-to-drink coffee, in the coming years?

The report covers the total United States coffee market, encompassing various types such as ready-to-drink, specialty, fair-trade, and organic coffee. It provides insights into wholesale and retail sales, consumption trends, and demographic profiles.

Key data included in the report:

  • Volume, sales, and growth data, with global comparisons.
  • Breakdown of coffee sub-segments, including roast/ground, pods, whole bean, instant, and ready-to-drink coffee.
  • Profiles and analysis of leading companies and brands, including their marketing strategies and sales volume.
  • Advertising expenditures of major coffee companies across various media types.
  • Import data on green, roasted, caffeinated, and decaffeinated coffee.
  • Projections for future growth, including compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2027.

The report offers a comprehensive overview of the U.S. coffee market, providing valuable insights for industry stakeholders and market participants. For more information, visit the website.

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