The Global Market for Recyclable Packaging 2024-2034, with Profiles of 240+ Companies Including Agilyx, Alterra, Amsty, Hyundai Chemical, Ioniqa, Itero, TOMRA Recycling and Waste Robotics

The “Global Market for Recyclable Packaging 2024-2034” report has been added to’s offering.

Plastic consumption continues to acutely increase worldwide, while attendant waste is presently substantially landfilled, discarded to the terrain, or incinerated. Developments in mechanical and chemical recycling technology are changing the shape of the plastics assiduity and advanced accouterments and technologies are impacting glass, paper, and essence recycling sectors. It’s getting increasingly possible to recover further accouterments in an unrestricted- circle, helping to retain maximum value. The Global Market for Recyclable Packaging 2024- 2034 examines recyclable packaging across paper, plastics, glass, and essence, including request size, motorists, operations, technologies, companies, sustainability, and unborn outlook. The requests is segmented by region and material type, quantitative vaticinations are handed through 2034. Landscape analysis covers major brands, packaging manufacturers, waste operation enterprises, and recovering technology originators driving circularity. Specialized processes are explained across mechanical and chemical recycling, sorting, and reclaiming. Packaging inventions in bio-based accouterments, smart packaging, and applicable models are stressed. The report also examines conterminous spaces like e-commerce fulfillment and policy geographies shaping recyclable packaging.

Report contents include:

Recyclable Packaging Industry Overview

  • Markets, processes, technologies
  • Drivers and trends shaping growth

Plastics Recycling Analysis

  • Mechanical and chemical recycling overview
  • Polymer demand forecasts by process
  • Pyrolysis, gasification, depolymerization techs
  • Bio-based and marine-degradable plastics
  • Market challenges and innovations

Paper Packaging Recycling Analysis

  • Market size, processes, economics
  • Fiber sources, strength improvements
  • Compostable solutions, active packaging
  • Industry challenges and future outlook

Glass Packaging Recycling Analysis

  • Market size, suppliers, collection economics
  • Processing methods, end-use applications
  • Smart glass, hybrids, material advances
  • Participation challenges and opportunities

Metal Packaging Recycling Analysis

  • Market size, processes, economics
  • Aluminum, steel, and hybrid innovations
  • Active and smart metal packaging
  • Benefits driving growth and adoption

Digital Technologies Analysis

  • Blockchain, IoT, AI applications
  • Digital watermarking for advanced recycling

Markets and Applications Analysis

  • Food, beverages, CPG, retail, e-commerce
  • Industrial packaging, healthcare, automotive

Competitive Landscape

  • Profiles of 248 companies. Companies profiled include Aduro Clean Technologies, Agilyx, Alterra, Amsty, APK AG, Aquafil, Arcus, Axens, BASF Chemcycling, BiologiQ, Carbios, DePoly, Dow, Eastman Chemical, EREMA Group GmbH, Extracthive, ExxonMobil, Fych Technologies, Garbo, gr3n SA, Hyundai Chemical, Ioniqa, Itero, Licella, Mura Technology, Neste, Plastic Energy, Plastogaz SA, Plastic Energy, Polystyvert, Pyrowave, Recyc’ELIT, RePEaT Co., Ltd., revalyu Resources GmbH, SABIC, Samsara ECO, Synova, TOMRA Recycling, and Waste Robotics.

Market Size and Forecasts

  • Regional and material type segmentation
  • Revenue and volume projections through 2034

Sustainability Analysis

  • Circularity, carbon footprint, and life cycle assessment
  • Energy use, water conservation, and social factors

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes

  • Aduro Clean Technologies
  • Agilyx
  • Alterra
  • Amsty
  • APK AG
  • Aquafil
  • Arcus
  • Axens
  • BASF Chemcycling
  • BiologiQ
  • Carbios
  • DePoly
  • Dow
  • Eastman Chemical
  • EREMA Group GmbH
  • Extracthive
  • ExxonMobil
  • Fych Technologies
  • Garbo
  • gr3n SA
  • Hyundai Chemical
  • Ioniqa
  • Itero
  • Licella
  • Mura Technology
  • Neste
  • Plastic Energy
  • Plastogaz SA
  • Plastic Energy
  • Polystyvert
  • Pyrowave
  • Recyc’ELIT
  • RePEaT Co., Ltd.
  • revalyu Resources GmbH
  • Samsara ECO
  • Synova
  • TOMRA Recycling
  • Waste Robotics

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