Tennant Company Initiates Global Expansion of i-mop Product Line

Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), renowned for its innovative solutions transforming global cleaning practices, has unveiled the introduction of i-mop® Lite cleaning products and i-mop® XL Plus from the Tennant brand across Brazil, France, Portugal, and Spain. The i-mop represents a groundbreaking mechanized cleaning solution, offering superior effectiveness and efficiency compared to traditional mop and bucket methods. This expansion marks Tennant Company’s collaboration extension with i-team Global, a pioneer in innovative solutions for compact space cleaning. Tennant aims to broaden accessibility to this product portfolio, empowering a wider customer base to elevate their cleaning standards.

Globally, cleaning teams utilizing i-mop technology have lauded its utility, productivity, durability, and value addition. By amalgamating proven mechanized cleaning technology with Tennant’s unparalleled service and support, organizations can seamlessly select the right cleaning equipment, ensuring maximum value, uptime protection, prolonged service life, and reduced total cost of ownership.

The i-mop product family liberates organizations from archaic mop-based cleaning methods, offering a superior, more efficient, and sustainable alternative. This comprehensive line enhances productivity and mechanized cleaning performance while retaining mop-like maneuverability for compact, high-traffic spaces, thereby facilitating a consistently thorough clean with reduced time, water consumption, and effort.

Prioritizing user-friendliness, the entire i-mop range features intuitive controls for swift operator adaptation, lightweight designs for effortless maneuvering, detachable tanks for rapid disposal and refilling, and advanced maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries for extended runtime and minimal downtime.

Tennant’s i-mop product line caters to diverse small space cleaning requirements. The i-mop Lite, the smallest and lightest model, blends mechanized floor scrubber performance with flat mop mobility, ideal for cramped, bustling spaces such as bathrooms, entryways, stands, and employee restrooms. Meanwhile, the i-mop XL Plus integrates advanced features, catering to slightly larger areas like dining spaces, conference rooms, locker rooms, lobbies, and other communal zones.

This international expansion of the i-mop range underscores Tennant Company’s commitment to revolutionizing global cleaning practices through pioneering innovation.

For further details on Tennant Company’s i-mop solutions, please visit tennantco.com.

Company Overview:

Established in 1870, Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, stands as a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions fostering a cleaner, safer, and healthier world. Its inventive product range spans surface maintenance equipment for industrial, commercial, and outdoor settings, detergent-free and sustainable cleaning technologies, as well as cleaning tools and supplies. Tennant boasts the industry’s most extensive global field service network. With sales reaching $1.24 billion in 2023 and approximately 4,500 employees, Tennant operates manufacturing facilities worldwide, directly distributing products in 15 countries and through distributors in over 100 countries. For more information, visit www.tennantco.com and www.ipcworldwide.com.

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