TELO Partners with Aria Group to Build First Fully-Functional Vehicles

TELO Trucks, known for producing the world’s most efficient EV mini-truck, announced today that their first two fully functional prototypes will be meticulously hand-built by California-based Aria Group. Aria Group is renowned for its expertise in early-stage development and rapid prototyping for leading automotive, aerospace, maritime, and entertainment companies worldwide. This significant milestone aligns with TELO’s one-year anniversary and follows a successful $5.4 million strategic funding round led by Neo, with contributions from Spero Ventures and others. Additionally, Marc Tarpenning, co-founder of Tesla, has joined TELO’s Board, adding his extensive experience as an EV pioneer.

“Forrest North, Co-Founder and CTO of TELO Trucks, praised Aria Group’s exceptional attention to detail and unmatched expertise in the field, stating, “Their work in this space is unparalleled.”

TELO epitomizes a new wave of EV startups, strategically utilizing their funding to create not only the most size-efficient electric truck but also solutions tailored for urban environments. As the design phase concludes, Aria Group is set to bring the TELO Truck to life, integrating cutting-edge rapid manufacturing technology with innovative design and engineering.

Clive Hawkins, President and Founder of Aria Group, expressed pride in collaborating with TELO, saying, “Our out-of-the-box approach aligns perfectly with TELO’s advanced automotive design and EV electrification. We are excited to contribute to the advancement of clean-tech and the future of transportation.”

Since its launch, TELO has received over 3,000 pre-orders across the nation. The mini-truck combines the compact size of a MINI Cooper with the utility of a Toyota Tacoma. Equipped with advanced driving and safety technologies and a fast-charge, long-range 350-mile battery, TELO offers drivers a completely reimagined pickup experience.

To learn more and pre-order a TELO Truck for just $152, the truck’s length in inches, please visit

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