Tan Xuguang: Weichai and CTM to Explore High-End Global Power Market

On May 16, Tan Xuguang led a delegation from Weichai and Baudouin France to visit Compagnia Tecnica Motori (CTM) in Milan. They were accompanied by CTM Chairman and CEO Giovanni Maria Maffi and the CTM management team. The meeting focused on discussing global power generation market trends and specific application scenarios. Both parties engaged in candid exchanges about promoting high-power data center business cooperation and reached a broad consensus on collaboration.

CTM, Italy’s leading provider of high-power solutions, has a worldwide power generation business, offering customized products and services to its customers. Giovanni Maria Maffi highlighted CTM’s capability to meet diverse customer needs. Shandong Heavy Industry Group, through its subsidiaries Weichai and Baudouin, has established unique competitive advantages in the power generation market. The two sides aim to complement each other’s strengths, expedite cooperation in big data center projects, and create new value for customers.

Tan Xuguang extended an invitation to CTM to visit Weichai Group’s power generation equipment manufacturing base in Shandong. He emphasized Weichai’s deep involvement in the global energy power generation market for over 40 years and its status as a global leader in power generation products. Weichai is eager to engage in in-depth cooperation with CTM, offering superior products, attentive service, and flexible solutions to provide global customers with efficient and reliable power solutions, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Before the meeting, Tan Xuguang and his team toured the CTM factory and discussed generator set overviews with CTM’s technical, manufacturing, and quality personnel.

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