Tan Xuguang: Capturing the Global Generator Set Market at Lightning Speed

Based on recent intensive research in overseas markets and in-depth exchanges with local customers and partners, Tan Xuguang chaired a global gen-set business strategy discussion and on-site promotion meeting on May 19, 2024, at the management headquarters in Milan. The meeting included technical experts from the Group’s European, North American, Singapore, and China headquarters, who engaged in thorough and pragmatic discussions.

Tan Xuguang emphasized:

“The global gen-set business is a key component of our Group’s strategy and a crucial driver for our rapidly expanding new business sectors. We must strategically allocate global resources, accelerate our international footprint, assemble a global team, and deploy all efficient resources.

Weichai Headquarters’ competitive advantage across the entire industrial chain is the foundation for the gen-set business’s growth. We should leverage this by collaborating with the world’s top industrial and supply chain partners with an open mind, aiming to become world-class through both competition and cooperation.

In the new global ecosystem, speed is paramount, and action is essential. Our team must operate like ‘hounds’—with a keen strategic sense, rapid response, swift action, and quick results!

Weichai is a global family. Our shared dream is to excel in the gen-set business and elevate it to a world-class level. We must maintain an open mind, communicate honestly, enhance efforts through coordinated chains, strengthen the global technology exchange mechanism, and collaborate to achieve success in open cooperation.”

The meeting was attended by technical experts and business management from Weichai Group and its subsidiaries Baudouin, PSI, and Weichai Singapore.

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