Tan Xuguang Advocates High-Level Cooperation for Mutual Success between Chinese and German Enterprises

From May 23 to 24, Tan Xuguang led a team to Frankfurt to visit KION Group and Linde Hydraulic of the Weichai Group, aiming to foster win-win cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises through high-level collaboration. On May 23, Tan Xuguang and his team engaged with KION Group’s management, delving into the operations of KION’s industrial forklift truck and Dematic businesses. They discussed the global industry landscape and held a special session to address coordination issues in the new energy and hydraulic system sectors within the Group. Tan Xuguang emphasized:

“Weichai and KION Group have undergone strategic restructuring for 12 years, creating a model of industrial and cultural integration between Chinese and German enterprises. Both sides should leverage this successful experience to promote broader and deeper strategic cooperation, working closely to elevate KION from Europe’s leading position to the top in the world.”

He stressed the importance of focusing on high value-added products, enhancing the enterprise’s sustainable growth capabilities, and improving operational efficiency to surpass historical performance levels.

Opening the North American market is KION’s foremost strategy. All resources and top talents must be allocated to this market to secure a decisive victory.

On May 24, Tan Xuguang convened the Sino-German team in Frankfurt for the Linde Hydraulic operation analysis and global business promotion meeting. Emphasizing market orientation, goal orientation, and problem orientation, the meeting systematically reviewed Linde Hydraulic’s current operations, competitiveness benchmarking, and future development plans. Resources were coordinated on-site to provide robust support for Linde Hydraulic’s global market exploration. Tan Xuguang remarked:

“In the new global competitive environment, Linde Hydraulic must accelerate strategic adjustments, benchmark against world-class enterprises, and pursue high-quality development. We must create market-needed products that are irreplaceable by competitors and generate value for both customers and the company. Technologies that customers are unwilling to buy are worthless.”

He urged Linde Hydraulic to capitalize on the Chinese and global markets, leveraging the synergistic advantages of their dual bases and dual industrial chains to build a complementary “two cycles” model, enhancing global competitiveness.

Looking ahead to global industry trends in new energy, he stressed the need for strategic planning and structural adjustments to ensure sustainable development.

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