STMicroelectronics Unveils Ultra-Low-Power STM32 MCUs for Diverse Applications

STMicroelectronics Introduces Next-Gen Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader, has unveiled a new generation of energy-conscious microcontrollers (MCUs) capable of reducing energy consumption by up to 50% compared to previous models. This advancement not only extends battery life but also supports the transition towards battery-free designs powered by energy-harvesting systems like photovoltaic cells.

In the context of sustainability efforts worldwide, these MCUs play a pivotal role in smart buildings and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, managing energy and resources efficiently. With billions already in use and demand continuing to surge, the STM32U0 microcontroller series offers enhanced energy efficiency, enabling longer battery life and the integration of advanced features across various sectors including industrial, medical, and consumer electronics.

Designed with cutting-edge techniques and advanced manufacturing processes, the STM32U0 MCUs boast exceptionally low static power consumption and superior wake-up performance, facilitating prolonged periods in power-saving sleep modes to minimize energy consumption.

Several real-world applications showcase the versatility and effectiveness of the STM32U0 series. From security cameras with motion detection capabilities to long-lasting smoke detectors and precision water meters, these MCUs empower innovative solutions while conserving energy.

One notable example is Ascoel’s ultrasonic water meter, designed for longevity and precision with minimal maintenance requirements. By leveraging the STM32U0, Ascoel aims to improve water management and reduce environmental impact on a large scale.

Moreover, the STM32U0 enhances cost-effectiveness by incorporating features like an LCD segment display controller and various analog peripherals, thereby reducing PCB costs and space.

Security is a paramount concern addressed by these MCUs, with certification meeting stringent standards for firmware code protection. Developers can also benefit from ample memory and processing capabilities, making the STM32U0 series ideal for diverse applications.

The STM32U0 series is now in production and available at a competitive price point, starting at $0.68 for 1,000 units. For further information and inquiries, visit

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