Sonatus Introduces Updater for Comprehensive Vehicle Software xOTA Management

Sonatus, a leading automotive software company accelerating the transition to software-defined vehicles( SDVs), moment blazoned Sonatus Updater, a comprehensive product for managing over-the-air ( OTA) updates suited for the fleetly evolving software content in vehicles moment and the future. Updater allows automotive manufacturers to manage the adding variety of vehicle software means from a single pane of glass, with pungency and end-to-end traceability.

Over-the-air updates have become a necessary tool for automotive manufacturers in the fast-evolving world of software-defined vehicles. As the software content in vehicles has grown exponentially, the requirements for OTA operation results have also evolved. Sonatus Updater addresses those requirements in three abecedarian ways. First, it offers a single result to conduct updates for the ever-growing types of vehicle software rudiments, in addition to electronic control unit( ECU) firmware. Updater can manage holders, network and storehouse configurations, variant coding, data operation programs, and more while ensuring that cross-dependencies and strict security controls are managed. Second, OTA juggernauts can be changeable in terms of cost, complexity, and time taken.

Updater allows OEMs to perform a visionary dry run of any OTA crusade to understand its impact and make adaptations demanded to streamline the process. Eventually, as the frequency and complexity of vehicle software updates increase, OEMs will be suitable to snappily resolve issues when juggernauts run into trouble using Updater’s fine-granulated visibility and tracing capabilities to track individual processes from the pall down to the target ECUs. By 2025, consumers anticipate their vehicles to admit up to six updates a year1. A recent check conducted by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Sonatus, set up that auto possessors value updates – particularly those that deliver advancements to safety( 65), navigation( 59), and security( 54) – but they dread taking the auto to the service center to be streamlined. nearly two in five have had negative gests having their vehicle streamlined at the shop, spending a normal of two hours on the errand each time their auto needed an update. 86 said they would happily install updates at home, emphasizing the benefit of extending all types of update capabilities over the air. “ Automotive consumers decreasingly anticipate software updates to securely deliver new features and capabilities for their vehicles. OEMs are working to separate themselves and meet that demand with OTA updates, but frequently find update operation delicate, time-consuming, and precious, ” said Yu Fang, co-founder and principal specialized officer, Sonatus.

Sonatus Updater is specifically designed to address the challenges automakers encounter, enabling multi-modal OTA operations with the capability to prognosticate issues and trace updates throughout the process. ” Sonatus Updater allows automakers to Manage updates securely and modernize firmware, configurations, programs, and more from a single interface in compliance with UNECE R155/ R156. ensure predictable results Conduct dry runs to prognosticate the cost of a crusade and proactively resolve conflicts before planting an update. give end-to-end traceability Trace juggernauts with complete and detailed visibility – down to the individual vehicle ECU – to prop in troubleshooting and perfecting unborn crusade success. “ Streamlining the delivery of OTA updates benefits both OEMs and their guests when effects go easily with software updates, everyone wins, ” said Stephen Bell, principal critic- connectivity, Wards Intelligence. “ Sonatus Updater is enabling OEMs to deliver all types of updates to their guests with lesser confidence, better visibility, predictable cost, and bettered security. These are game-changing capabilities that allow auto possessors to more fluently realize the promised benefits of a software-defined vehicle an auto that keeps perfecting after it drives off the lot. ” Sonatus Updater will be available for integration starting Q2 2024. With its expansive experience uniting with OEMs and suppliers, Sonatus enables mate automakers to fluently incorporate Updater into their being software mound, or on top of the Sonatus Foundation platform, which provides crucial software structure blocks to enable the transition to software-defined infrastructures.

About Sonatus

Sonatus is accelerating vehicle software innovation and the transition towards software-defined vehicles. The diverse products comprising the Sonatus Vehicle Platform serve as the key building blocks that allow automotive companies and their ecosystem to fast forward to the future of mobility and deliver continuous improvements in costs, capabilities, reliability, and user experience over the vehicle lifespan. Sonatus’ award-winning software platform is in mass production in over 1 million vehicles from Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis today and will grow to millions of cars by 2024. The company has raised more than $110 million USD with world-class automotive, technology, and venture investors including Foxconn, Hyundai Motor Group’s Kia Corporation, LG Electronics, Marvell, NEC and Translink Orchestrating Future Fund, SAIC Capital, Translink Capital, UMC Capital, and Wanxiang Group Company. Sonatus is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley), with offices in Dublin, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. Sonatus is a trademark of Sonatus, Inc. For more information, visit

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