Sisvel’s Campaign Simplifies Patent Landscape for Cellular IoT Device Manufacturers

Sisvel, operator of the leading cellular IoT patent pool, has launched a new information campaign to help IoT device manufacturers navigate the legal complexities of implementing NB-IoT and LTE-M standards. The campaign aims to explain the industry-created solutions that ensure the continued growth of these technologies.

Available at, the campaign introduces IoT product manufacturers to technology licensing, covering concepts such as patents, standards, licenses, and patent pools. It highlights the risks of ignoring these issues and the costs and time involved in individually negotiating licenses with multiple patent holders.

The cellular IoT market is highly diverse, with small and medium-sized companies launching solutions for smart cities, smart grids, smart agriculture, and smart supply chains. Many startups lack large legal departments and the commercial experience in intellectual property that established telecommunications companies have.

Sisvel’s cellular IoT patent pool provides end-product manufacturers access to essential patents for NB-IoT and LTE-M standards from over 30 major innovators through a fast, simple, and cost-effective transaction. This enables manufacturers to focus more resources on bringing connected products to market.

Sisvel’s recent licensing agreement with Nordic Semiconductor, a leading IoT module manufacturer, underscores the program’s value proposition. Through this campaign, Sisvel aims to convey an important message to IoT stakeholders: patents drive cellular innovation and, while essential, are not an obstacle to IoT adoption.

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