Rising High: Exploring the Car Transporter at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Unveiling the Marvel: The Mercedes-Benz Car Transporter at the Museum Dive into the latest installment from the Mercedes-Benz Museum series, where each segment unveils captivating tales, shedding light on the unexpected, exhilarating, or behind-the-scenes aspects of vehicles, exhibits, or architectural marvels. This time, our focus is on the Mercedes-Benz car transporter residing in Collection Room 2: the Gallery of Carriers.

In this edition, we present the Mercedes-Benz 1624 car transporter, a colossal presence that never fails to mesmerize visitors with its sheer scale. But how does such a massive vehicle find its way into the museum’s airy space, situated five floors above street level? The answer lies in the innovative design of the museum itself and its integrated logistics.

Built to bear the weight: The museum’s structure is engineered to accommodate commercial vehicles like the car transporter. The collection rooms boast floors and walls capable of supporting heavy loads, thanks to robust construction using load-bearing concrete. Moreover, a strategically placed door within the museum provides access to the atrium via a connecting passageway, where a heavy-duty lift effortlessly elevates the car transporter to its designated spot.

A fleet on display: The exhibit comprises not only the car transporter but also four Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, collectively weighing around 6 tonnes. With the potential to carry up to ten cars when fully loaded, this transporter epitomizes efficiency and versatility in logistics.

Showcasing milestones: Among the vehicles aboard the transporter are the final saloon and coupé models from the Mercedes-Benz 123 model series, marking the end of an era in automotive production. These milestones, along with other classics like the 380 SEL and 500 SEC from the 126 series, hold a special place in Mercedes-Benz’s vehicle collection.

The versatile workhorse: The Mercedes-Benz 1624 car transporter belongs to the renowned “New Generation” of heavy- and medium-duty lorries, boasting a robust diesel engine with ample power for various logistics tasks. Its hydraulic elements enable precise movements for loading vehicles of different sizes, resembling a mechanical ballet in action.

Fulfilling dreams: The four passenger cars aboard the transporter are now sought-after classics, embodying the aspirations of many enthusiasts. These vehicles, often transported from the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen to branches and dealerships, symbolize the beginning of a journey towards fulfilling automotive dreams.

Experience the marvel firsthand at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, where history and innovation converge to celebrate the legacy of automotive excellence.

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