Revolutionary Light-Based Cellular Control Ushers in Biotech’s New Age

Prolific Machines Secures $55M Series B Funding to Revolutionize Biotech with Light Control Prolific Machines, a pioneer in photomolecular biology, has closed a $55M Series B financing round led by Ki Tua Fund, the corporate venture arm of Fonterra Co-operative Group. Other participants include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mayfield, SOSV, Shorewind Capital, Darco Capital, Robert Downey Jr’s Footprint Coalition Ventures, Conti Ventures, In-Q-Tel (IQT), Matthew Katz, and more, bringing their total funding to $86.5M. Founded in 2020 by Deniz Kent, Max Huisman, and Declan Jones, Prolific Machines aims to revolutionize the production of essential products like food and medicine. Their platform, developed over four years, enables partners to efficiently produce high-quality biological products across various sectors including cellular agriculture, protein production, tissue engineering, and drug screening.

Current cellular biology processes suffer from limitations such as high costs, inefficiency, and imprecision. Prolific Machines leverages the precision of light to overcome these constraints, offering unprecedented control over cellular functions. Their platform combines light, bioengineering, hardware, and AI, promising to transform biotechnology. This funding will accelerate the commercialization of their platform through upcoming partnerships.

Prolific Machines’ photomolecular biology platform utilizes light to guide cellular behavior, enhancing performance through AI technology. Inspired by optogenetics, this approach promises to revolutionize biotech, enabling the production of superior biosolutions more efficiently and consistently.

The company’s first applications will be announced soon through partnerships, offering enhanced control over biological production. Examples include nutritional proteins, disease-fighting antibodies, cultured meat, disease models, and other innovations.

CEO Deniz Kent expressed excitement about introducing their platform to the world and anticipates significant impact through partnerships. Maximilian Hoerner, Head of Optogenetics, highlighted the groundbreaking nature of using light to control cellular functions outside research labs.

Investors and partners, including Ki Tua Fund and IQT, are enthusiastic about the potential of Prolific Machines’ platform to lower biologic production costs and enhance health and biosecurity.

Prolific Machines plans to expand its impact through partnerships with customers seeking efficient, precise biomanufacturing solutions. Visit for more information and partnership inquiries.

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