Quectel Responds to House Select Committee on China’s Request to Consider a Ban on U.S. Investment in the Company

Quectel Wireless Results, a global provider of Internet of Effects ( IoT) results, issued the following statement in response to the recent request made to the Biden administration by the U.S. House Select Committee on China to consider a ban on U.S. investment in the company. We’re disappointed to see the Special Committee on China’s continued false allegations about Quectel and its alleged cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party( CCP) and the People’s Liberation Army( PLA). Quectel isn’t possessed, controlled, or directed by the CCP or the PLA.

We’re an independent company, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which operates internationally, ” said Norbert Muhrer, President and Chief Sales Officer at Quectel Wireless results. He added “ Special Committee officers are also misleadingly inferring in a press release and on X( Twitter) that they’re asking civil ministries to “ blacklist ” Quectel. In fact, indeed if Quectel appeared on the lists suggested by the Special Committee – which has no base – the only impact would be a blocking of American investments in Quectel securities. Quectel would not be banned from dealing with any of its products, in other words, the company would not be blacklisted. The commission’s abuse of the term causes gratuitous annoyance to the guests we serve well. “ Quectel meets the most rigorous assiduity norms for data security and sequestration.

Our products, which are designed solely for civil and marketable uses, exceed assiduity norms and stylish practices for numerous safety and compliance measures. We misbehave with all U.S. and transnational warrants and import control laws. We don’t vend anything to any person or reality in Russia, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Crimea, and don’t vend anything to military manufacturers anywhere. We bear our distributors and resellers to cleave to the same restrictions. also, Quectel’s approach to compliance – instanced in strict, empirical specialized and policy measures – goes beyond assiduity stylish practices and other module seller practices.» “

We look forward to speaking with U.S. government officers to correct the crimes and misconstructions contained in the Special Committee’s letter and to demonstrate that our conditioning is in full compliance with U.S. laws and regulations, ” added Ms. Muhrer. Quectel is committed to furnishing best-in-class, high-quality secure modules and going beyond assiduity standard practices for cybersecurity. Quectel has engaged Finite State to conduct independent checkups and penetration testing of Quectel modules in July 2023. In September, Quectel participated in results showing that its products significantly exceed assiduity norms and stylish practices for numerous security measures. “ In addition to penetration testing of our crucial modules, we’re participating in the Software Bill of Accoutrements( SBOM) and Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange( VEX) documents for our modules – an assiduity first at IoT module manufacturers. Quectel’s modules have attained instruments from further than 80 of the world’s leading carriers, and we’ve attained further than 200 FCC instruments in the last two times alone. Our modules meet the strict norms of nonsupervisory and compliance agencies similar as CE, FCC, GCF, PCS, PTCRB, Bluetooth ® SIG, and the Wi-Fi Alliance, ” said Muhrer. Quectel is committed to upholding the loftiest norms of security, sequestration, and compliance in the IoT assiduity, and proactively uniting with global mates to enable a safer, smarter, and further connected future.

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