OPEX ® Corp Wins Innovation of the Year 2024 for Sortation Systems

OPEX ® Corporation has been named the 2024 Sortation System Innovation of the Year winner by SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards for its OPEX Sure Sort ® X with OPEX Xtract™. This advanced solution, launched in March 2024, offers high-speed automated sorting and picking that is fully customizable and turnkey, streamlining operations with minimal human intervention.

Alex Stevens, President of Warehouse Automation at OPEX, expressed pride in receiving the award, highlighting their commitment to meeting market demands with innovative, integrated solutions. The SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards, which received nominations from over 15 countries, recognized OPEX for significantly enhancing efficiency and addressing staffing challenges in warehouse operations.

OPEX Sure Sort X handles a wide range of items with precision, sorting up to 2,100 items per hour into various bin sizes and types. When combined with Xtract, it automates container retrieval and contents transfer, optimizing workflows and reducing reliance on manual labor.

Based in Moorestown, New Jersey, OPEX ® Corporation leads in Next Generation Automation, delivering scalable technology solutions globally to streamline warehouse, document, and mail automation processes.

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