Nurturing Growth and Gratitude: A Commercial Manager’s Journey at Tenaris

Evaristo Guedes: A 24-Year Journey of Growth and Gratitude at Tenaris Over the span of 24 years, Evaristo Guedes has carved out a remarkable career path within Tenaris. Starting at the age of 19, he has traversed various domains within the company, culminating in his current role as commercial manager in Brazil.

Hailing from a family of farmers who resettled in Santo André, São Paulo, Guedes, the youngest of 10 siblings, was introduced to the industrial realm by his father and brother. His entry into the industry commenced at Mill 6 of Confab in 2000, where he began on the production line.

Reflecting on his journey, Guedes describes his early years as a blend of perseverance, gratitude, and fortunate opportunities. Within two months of joining, he ascended to the position of quality inspector, specializing in dimensional inspections of pipe threads. His versatility saw him transition to the coating mill, where he assumed responsibility for sandblasting quality inspections within a year.

“I gained insights into every facet of the production process during my tenure at Confab,” Guedes explains. “Starting from the grease application at Mill 6, I seized opportunities for growth, which have been instrumental in shaping my career. My time in production provided invaluable lessons in product knowledge, quality standards, norms, material specifications, and safety.”

Simultaneously juggling work and family responsibilities, Guedes recognized the importance of furthering his education. Supported by his wife, he pursued academic endeavors for 12 years, ultimately graduating in business administration in 2008. Postgraduate studies in project management and strategic business management followed, alongside a program in mechanical production engineering.

Transitioning from operations to administration marked a significant juncture in Guedes’s career trajectory. He acknowledges the pivotal role of mentorship and networking in navigating this transition, expressing gratitude to those who provided guidance.

In 2014, Guedes assumed the role of sales engineer, relocating to Rio de Janeiro and embarking on international business ventures. Notable among these was the Zohr offshore project in Egypt, where he played a key role in overcoming logistical challenges.

As he looks to the future, Guedes sets his sights on expanding Tenaris’s market and operations in Brazil, particularly in industrial sales and distribution.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Guedes finds solace in spending quality time with his family, indulging in outdoor adventures and culinary endeavors. His dedication to both work and family underscores his commitment to personal and professional growth.

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