Nordson Electronics Wins EM China Innovation Award for Select Coat® SL-1040

Nordson Electronics Wins EM Asia China Award for ASYMTEK Select Coat® SL-1040 Conformal Coating System

Nordson Electronics Solutions, a global leader in electronics manufacturing technologies, was honored with the conformal coating equipment award by EM Asia China for its innovative ASYMTEK Select Coat® SL-1040 system. The award ceremony took place during Productronica China on March 21 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Introduced in November 2023, the SL-1040 is tailored for high-volume printed circuit assembly, particularly in automotive electronics, boasting advanced automation, precision, and maintenance features to optimize yield and uptime while reducing total cost of ownership.

Jacky He, automotive commercial head at Nordson Electronics Solutions, China, emphasized the significance of accurate conformal coating in automotive electronics and expressed gratitude for the recognition of the SL-1040’s technological innovation.

The award highlighted several key features of the SL-1040 system:

  • Innovation: Leveraging new process control and maintenance technologies for high-volume production.
  • Cost effectiveness: Ensuring precision and throughput for densely populated circuit boards while supporting Industry 4.0 standards.
  • Speed/Throughput improvements: Maximizing throughput with dual and triple applicators and facilitating efficient changeover.
  • Quality Contribution: Providing accurate coating near tight keep-out zones and ensuring uniform coverage.
  • Ease of use / Maintainability / Repairability: Simplified nozzle cleaning and advanced safety features enhance uptime and ownership costs.
  • Technology advancement: Enabling selective coating to protect electronics in harsh environments and increase yield and throughput.

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