Nordson EFD Unveils Latest Generation of 3-Axis Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

Nordson EFD, a leading manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems and a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN), proudly introduces the GVPlus and PROX families of automated fluid dispensing products. These innovative robotic solutions are designed with enhancements in motion, workspace, repeatability, payload capacity, setup convenience, and vision technology.

The GVPlus automated fluid dispensing solution offers notable improvements in repeatability, increased payloads with simplified setup procedures, and advanced vision capabilities. Achieving best-in-class repeatability at 8 μm, it enhances precision to ±0.008 mm. The setup process is streamlined with the introduction of a new dual mounting flange, accommodating tool payloads of up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs).

With a working area of 400 mm x 400 mm, the GVPlus family of fluid dispensing robots offers enhanced versatility for various applications. The CCD smart vision camera has been upgraded to provide high-quality images even on challenging surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plastics, and non-transparent clear surfaces. EFD’s proprietary dispensing software ensures accuracy by automatically adjusting for in-process variations.

Similarly, the new PROX automated fluid dispensing solutions deliver improved motion, repeatability, vision, and expanded workspace capabilities. Equipped with new linear motors, these robots offer enhanced actuation speed, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased durability. The PROX systems boast best-in-class X, Y, and Z-axis repeatability of ±0.003 mm, with a working area expanded to 500 mm x 500 mm.

The vision system, featuring a CCD smart vision camera, produces precise, high-quality images validated by EFD’s proprietary DispenseMotion™ software, which automatically adjusts for in-process variations. This camera is adept at operating on challenging surfaces like glass, mirrors, plastics, and non-transparent clear surfaces.

Claude Bergeron, Product Line Manager of Automated Dispensing Systems at Nordson EFD, commented, “With these enhancements to Nordson EFD’s automated dispensing product line, manufacturers will benefit from higher accuracy in fluid deposit placement, along with greater versatility stemming from the larger working area and robust X, Y, Z movement of the robot tooling. These improvements will aid them in meeting the demands for higher volume, high-quality production.”

For further information, please visit Nordson EFD’s website at, follow them on LinkedIn at, contact via email at [email protected], or call 401.431.7000 or 800.556.3484.

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