New Headquarters of Fondazione Dalmine: Bridging Past, Present, Future

Fondazione Dalmine, an initiative established by Dalmine, Tenaris’s seamless steel plant in Italy, aimed at preserving and sharing the company’s historical and industrial legacy through cultural endeavors, has recently unveiled its new headquarters.

Originally built in 1924 as a guesthouse by the acclaimed Milanese architect Giovanni Greppi, within the Dalmine company town, the structure has undergone a remarkable transformation. It now stands as a focal point for cultural enrichment and educational pursuits, nestled within one of Italy’s most innovative and environmentally sustainable architectural restoration projects.

At its new premises, Fondazione Dalmine offers visitors an immersive experience. Within a 60-square-meter space, guests embark on a journey through the intricate production processes of the steel industry. A captivating video narrative unfolds, showcasing the elements of fire, automation, and technological prowess, guiding visitors through the evolutionary trajectory that defines Tenaris’s presence in Italy.

“This building and its activities epitomize our identity and are integral to a broader initiative fostering synergy between the company and its surrounding community, encompassing amenities such as vacation camps, a farm, and various other facilities. It represents an industry that not only thrives but also positively impacts and revitalizes the region,” remarked Paolo Rocca, Chairman and CEO of Tenaris, during the inauguration ceremony.

The renovation endeavor, generously supported by Tenaris and the Fondazione Enrico and Agostino Rocca, was conceptualized by Studio Caruso Torricella Architetti and Studio 02arch in Milan, adhering to the stringent standards for LEED Gold level certification. This voluntary certification underscores the project’s commitment to eco-compatibility and sustainability, integrating measures from the design phase to regulate energy and water consumption, minimize CO2 emissions, enhance interior ecological quality, and prioritize the use of sustainable materials and resources.

Fondazione Dalmine further boasts a dedicated area for heritage and historical preservation, housing an extensive archive comprising 100,000 photographs and 17,000 terabytes of digitized documents. Additionally, it offers educational initiatives focused on industrial culture, featuring various programs tailored for schools and robotic laboratories equipped with cutting-edge machinery. These laboratories have earned the prestigious FACT Centre for Industrial Automation label, marking them as global benchmarks for learning equipment, teaching methodologies, and technical resources.

To celebrate its inauguration, Fondazione Dalmine is hosting a three-day open house until April 21st, inviting visitors to explore its facilities, engage with researchers and trainers, and gain insight into its mission of enriching the community.

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