Monumo’s Answer Engine Sets New Record: Conducts 10 Million Simulations in Just 24 Hours

Monumo, a pioneering technology firm revolutionizing electric motor design through advanced engineering, proudly announces a significant milestone today. The company’s cutting-edge Anser™ Engine, renowned for its scalability and machine learning adaptability, has achieved a remarkable feat by conducting 10 million simulations within a mere 24-hour timeframe. This breakthrough empowers us to pinpoint the optimal parameters tailored to diverse motor applications, whether aiming to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, or bolster sustainability efforts.

Established in 2021 and recently emerged from stealth mode, Monumo initially directs its focus towards the global electric vehicle (EV) sector. Leveraging patented technology, Monumo has successfully engineered a switched reluctance motor (SRM) with a design generated through deep tech, resulting in a remarkable 50% reduction in torque ripple across the entire drive cycle, thus ensuring a smoother and quieter operation. Monumo’s pioneering approach to SRMs, coupled with its comprehensive simulation, optimization, and prototyping framework, underscores the potential for broader applications across the electric motor landscape and beyond, ultimately resolving intricate engineering challenges.

At the helm of Monumo is CEO and founder, Dominic Vergine, a seasoned entrepreneur and former VP of Sustainability at Arm, alongside CTO Jaroslaw Rzepecki, PhD, who brings a wealth of experience from software engineering roles at Siemens, Microsoft Research, and Arm. Harnessing the collective expertise of its 30-member team, comprising automotive engineers, data scientists, physicists, deep tech specialists, and entrepreneurs, Monumo merges diverse disciplines to deliver groundbreaking innovations. Notably, the majority of the engineering team holds PhDs in physics, electronics, machine learning, and computer science.

Dominic Vergine, CEO and Founder of Monumo, remarked, “We are poised to revolutionize the multi-trillion-dollar engineering landscape, facilitating optimal systems that push the boundaries of what physics allows. Through collaborations with OEMs and Tier 1 engineering firms, our unique blend of simulation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and motor design capabilities promises tangible near-term impact, boasting a speed 200 times faster than industry standards, along with system-level optimization.”

“The Anser Engine has already unveiled breakthroughs surpassing human capabilities, yet these remarkable achievements are merely the beginning,” Vergine added. “With highly scalable technology and the potential synergies with advancements in supercomputing power, the possibilities are truly exponential.”

Santiago Matheus, Managing Partner and Founder of LQD VC, an early investor in Monumo, expressed confidence in the company’s trajectory, stating, “I firmly believe that Monumo will swiftly demonstrate the feasibility of the efficiencies they promise, which are not only attainable but also vital in shaping our impact on the planet. The convergence of these cutting-edge technologies is poised to redefine engineering disciplines and beyond in the foreseeable future.

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