Mesa Unveils Arizona’s First All-Electric North American Style Fire Truck by E-ONE

Mesa’s- electric fire truck is officially in service. The pumper truck, posted at Fire Station 221 in southeast Mesa, will reduce poison exposure for firefighters as part of the Mesa Fire and Medical Department’s commitment to enforcing slice-edge health and safety practices. The truck, manufactured by byE-ONE ®, an attachment of REV Group, Inc., is the first completely electric fire North American style machine in Arizona and will support the City of Mesa’s Climate Action Plan and thing of achieving carbon impartiality by 2050 by helping to reduce the department’s carbon footprint. I’m an advocate for electric vehicles it’s a more effective technology and shifting City vehicles from gas-powered to electric is another step we can take toward reaching our Climate Action Plan pretensions, ” said Mayor John Giles.

We look forward to this as a study of the implicit cost-savings and effectiveness of electric vehicles in City operations. This is a further testament to Mesa’s investment in public safety and our Mesa Fire and Medical Department’s strong tradition of invention and leadership in the state and the nation. ” The new fire truck excels at sustainability and performance with low to no carbon emigrations, lower noise pollution, range extension for prolonged power requirements, and life-long batteries. It can pump four sock lines at 750 gallons per nanosecond for four hours on a single charge – allowing for nonstop exigency response when demanded. “ The communities this electric fire truck will serve were erected over the former GM Proving Grounds where conception vehicles were tested.

Eastmark is the focus of the invention mindset in Mesa. It’s reflected in our road names like Ampere Avenue, Innovation Way, South Electron, and Inspiration Parkway. It seems only befitting Southeast Mesa is home to this first innovative fire outfit, ” said District 6 Councilmember Scott Somers. Station 221 is equipped with an electrical bowl capable of completely recharging the fire truck in roughly 3 and a half hours. The fire station, which opened in 2021, was designed and erected to keep firefighters healthy and safe. Safety measures include positive pressure tailwind to keep pollutants out of living areas, exhaust capturing systems to remove vehicle exhaust in the kudos while fire exchanges are running previous to leaving the station, and a decontamination area which now includes showers for firefighters to remove pollutants previous to entering living areas. “ We’re proud of what moment signifies.

As a department, we’re taking a unique step towards perfecting the health and safety of our labor force, ” said Fire Chief Mary Cameli. “ Every innovative step that contributes to the overall health and safety of our labor force is a step in the right direction. As a department, we’re fortunate to be part of a megacity that uses data and exploration combined with technology and amenability to test ideas and dissect the results. Trailblazing, the use of technology like this truck to help reduce the pitfalls to our crews exemplifies the Mesa Way. ” “ On behalf of Fire Truck results, E-ONE, and REV Fire Group, we’re pleased that the City of Mesa and Mesa Fire and Medical have chosen theE-ONE to support the megacity’s thing of achieving carbon impartiality by 2050, ” said REV Fire Group President Mike Virnig. “ Thank you to the City of Mesa and Mesa Fire and Medical for your cooperation.

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