MasterBrand Welcomes Catherine Courage to Its Board of Directors

MasterBrand, Inc. (NYSE: MBC), the leading residential cabinet manufacturer in North America, has announced the appointment of Catherine Courage to its Board of Directors, effective June 6, 2024. Dave Banyard, President and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about Catherine’s addition to the board, highlighting her extensive background in technology and user experience, which aligns with MasterBrand’s focus on Tech Enabled initiatives and enhancing customer experience.

Catherine Courage currently holds the position of Vice President at Google, where she leads a team dedicated to user experience and data science across Google’s major platforms. Since assuming this role in 2016, she has guided her team through significant developments, including transitions towards more natural search methods, augmented reality integration in commerce, and advancements in generative AI. Prior to her tenure at Google, Catherine led user experience efforts for Google’s Ads division, overseeing design and research for a comprehensive range of products. Before her time at Google, she held various leadership roles in user experience at companies such as DocuSign, Citrix, and Salesforce.

In addition to her corporate responsibilities, Catherine Courage is actively engaged in board service, contributing to organizations such as the California College of Arts and Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 enterprise technology company. She also supports Canadian technology entrepreneurship as a C100 Charter Member, offering mentorship, fostering partnerships, and making investments in the sector.

Catherine Courage earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Human Factors from the University of Toronto.

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