LatticeFlow AI Welcomes Esteemed AI Experts Milena Marinova and Jean-Luc Chatelain to Advisory Board

LatticeFlow AI Establishes Advisory Board with Appointment of Renowned AI Specialists Milena Marinova and Jean-Luc Chatelain LatticeFlow AI, a leading platform empowering teams to develop robust, secure, and trustworthy AI solutions, proudly unveils the formation of its Advisory Board, accompanied by the selection of two distinguished figures in the AI domain, Milena Marinova and Jean-Luc Chatelain, as founding members. With over 15 years of experience in launching cutting-edge AI products globally, Milena Marinova brings profound knowledge in software development, AI, ML, and generative AI. Notably, she spearheaded the establishment of the AI Acceleration Studio at Microsoft, where she presently serves as vice president. Milena’s visionary leadership, emphasizing human-AI collaboration through intelligent AI systems, closely resonates with LatticeFlow AI’s commitment to delivering scalable and trustworthy AI solutions.

“In the age of AI adoption, ensuring responsible AI implementation is paramount for success,” affirms Milena. “I am thrilled to join LatticeFlow AI as an advisor and contribute to advancing its founders’ vision of developing tools that prioritize AI safety and trustworthiness.”

Jean-Luc Chatelain, former CEO of Applied Intelligence at Accenture, brings invaluable expertise in building and operationalizing mission-critical AI systems for large enterprises.

“Establishing trust is fundamental for any AI platform’s success,” explains Jean-Luc. “I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the LatticeFlow AI Advisory Board to support the company’s mission of enabling businesses to deploy secure and reliable AI systems that drive tangible business value.”

Milena’s exceptional leadership in innovative AI solutions and deep expertise in machine learning and deep neural networks, along with Jean-Luc’s extensive experience in building trustworthy AI systems for global enterprises, will significantly contribute to advancing LatticeFlow AI’s vision of commercializing critical AI solutions.

We are delighted to welcome Milena and Jean-Luc to our advisory board,” emphasize LatticeFlow AI co-founders Petar Tsankov (CEO) and Pavol Bielik (CTO). “Their collective expertise, aligned with our commitment to responsible AI adoption, will play a pivotal role in guiding our long-term growth strategy.

The establishment of the LatticeFlow AI Advisory Board follows the company’s expansion into the US market and the appointment of Tom Ulrich as Senior Vice President and General Manager of LatticeFlow North America.

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