Keys&More Introduces Tailored Key Management Solution for Manufacturers, Says INCERT

INCERT GIE Luxembourg, a digital public agency, marks its foray into the private sector today with the launch of Keys&More, an enterprise key management system (KMS) tailored for manufacturers and industrial providers. This hardware-agnostic solution addresses the intricate deployment requirements of these sectors, offering a combination of centralized management, flexible deployment options, and strategic consulting services. Keys&More is available through cloud-based (KMSaaS), on-premises, or hybrid models, streamlining the management of key lifecycles, including preparation, creation, rotation, disabling, archiving, and deletion.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can oversee various functions like user management, digital signatures, encryption, and decryption via a unified platform. This integrated approach aids in achieving compliance, enhancing operational efficiency, cost reduction, and adhering to cryptography best practices.

Being platform-independent, Keys&More seamlessly integrates with any cloud provider and supports multiple Hardware Security Module (HSM) and database vendors. Benoit Poletti, CEO of INCERT, emphasizes the customizable deployment options, stating that the solution adapts to existing expertise and systems within organizations, thereby simplifying key management and unlocking strategic opportunities.

The automotive industry is expected to find Keys&More particularly beneficial due to its complex deployment needs, increasing reliance on connected devices, and industry regulations. The solution enables organizations to harness transformative trends such as Vehicle-to-Everything communication, the Internet of Things, and digitalization of production lines securely.

Sylvain Arts, Chief Business Officer at INCERT, highlights the product’s development in collaboration with a major automotive technology provider and engagement with regulatory committees and R&D projects. He underscores the pressing need for a cohesive KMS solution in light of evolving regulations.

Benoit Poletti underscores the compelling business case for adopting a centralized KMS solution, citing benefits such as improved crisis management, market positioning, compliance, and auditing processes. He emphasizes that an efficient KMS facilitates organizational scalability, adaptability, and transition to a post-quantum environment.

Testimonials from INCERT’s major automotive industry client affirm the value proposition of Keys&More, emphasizing its indispensability and role as a fundamental infrastructure component. They commend INCERT for providing comprehensive support and meeting their requirements effectively.

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