IonQ Unanimously Selects Peter Chapman as Chairman of the Board

IonQ, a prominent player in the quantum computing industry listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol IONQ, has announced the appointment of Peter Chapman as the incoming Chairman of the Board, alongside the selection of Harry You as the lead independent director of the board. These appointments are slated to take effect following IonQ’s forthcoming annual general meeting scheduled for June 5, 2024. The decisions were revealed through a proxy statement released on April 25, 2024. Peter Chapman has also been proposed for re-election as Class III Director during the meeting, with his assumption of the chairmanship contingent upon his re-election.

Niccolo de Masi, Chair of the Board Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the IonQ Board, commented on the appointments, citing Peter Chapman’s extensive tenure of five years with IonQ and his instrumental role in steering the company’s transition from academia to commercial enterprise. Under Chapman’s stewardship, IonQ has achieved the distinction of being the first publicly traded company exclusively focused on quantum computing systems and has consistently surpassed both technical and financial milestones set prior to its IPO.

Furthermore, Harry You has been unanimously appointed by the Board of Directors as the Lead Independent Director, effective upon the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting on June 5. You brings a wealth of experience in generating shareholder value, spanning from EMC’s divestiture to Dell to Broadcom’s acquisition of VMWare.

Both Chapman and You will maintain their current positions within the company, with Chapman serving as CEO and President and You assuming the role of Chairman of the Audit Committee of the IonQ Board.

Expressing gratitude for the vote of confidence from the Board, Peter Chapman emphasized his commitment to advancing IonQ’s commercial quantum systems and strategic initiatives in collaboration with esteemed board members like Harry You.

Harry You echoed Chapman’s sentiments, highlighting the escalating interest in quantum computing and the burgeoning demand for commercial systems across various sectors. With IonQ’s robust financial standing, operational momentum, and proficient leadership team, You expressed optimism about the company’s capacity to pursue diverse avenues for growth and business development in the quantum computing and quantum networks domain.

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