Introducing the Nation’s Inaugural Wildfire-Resistant Single-Family Residence by PHNX Development

PHNX Development Unveils Groundbreaking PHNX Home™: The Nation’s Premier Wildfire-Resistant Single-Family Residence PHNX Development, at the forefront of pioneering housing solutions, proudly introduces PHNX Home™, marking a monumental leap in residential safety and resilience. As the nation grapples with escalating wildfire threats, particularly in regions like Southern California, PHNX Home™ emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a revolutionary solution to the pressing need for secure housing. Traditional concerns over soaring building costs and safety anxieties find their match in this innovative construction, poised to redefine the landscape of home building.

This visionary project signifies a paradigm shift in architectural design, heralding the advent of a fully non-combustible single-family home. Departing from conventional wood-framed structures, PHNX Home™ stands as an exemplar of durability and sustainability, setting a new standard in residential architecture. Central to its design is a proprietary wood-free roof system complemented by insulated concrete forms (ICF) for exterior walls, ensuring unparalleled protection against wildfires.

Laurie Fisher, President and CEO of PHNX Development, underscores the significance of their groundbreaking approach, remarking, “Type 1A construction, typically reserved for high-rise buildings, has been a distant dream for residential homes due to prohibitive costs. However, with our patent-pending roof assembly, the realization of PHNX Home™ is not only feasible but also economically viable, offering homeowners a swift and cost-effective solution.”

In addition to its resilience against wildfires, PHNX Home™ boasts net-zero energy capabilities, empowering homeowners with independence from the grid. A comprehensive solar array and battery backup system ensure uninterrupted power supply, even during blackouts, exemplifying PHNX Development’s unwavering commitment to safety and innovation.

Art Andres, retired senior deputy fire chief for the City of Ontario, emphasizes the transformative impact of PHNX Home™ on firefighting efforts, stating, “Homes meeting Type 1A building code alleviate significant burdens for firefighters, enabling them to focus on containment rather than evacuation persuasion. The assurance of a secure home encourages timely evacuations, safeguarding lives and properties.”

Steve Smith, principal of HTK Structural Engineers, commends the efficiency and ingenuity of the PHNX Home™ design, envisioning its potential to revolutionize future construction practices. “The integration of various components within the system is truly remarkable,” he remarks. “From the extended spans of the floor and roof to the streamlined interior walls, every aspect reflects a seamless blend of innovation and practicality.”

Looking ahead, PHNX Development aims to expand its footprint through a franchise model, facilitating widespread adoption of resilient and sustainable housing solutions across diverse U.S. markets. Moreover, opportunities for developer-investor partnerships signal a promising future for master-planned communities featuring PHNX Homes™, furthering the mission of safety and sustainability in the housing sector.

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