International Society of Optical Engineering SPIE announces 2024 Society Award winners

The Awards Committee of the International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), the international society for optics and photonics , has announced this year’s honorees . Honoring innovative advances in fields as diverse as medicine, astronomy, lithography, optical metrology, optical design, and community leadership, the Society’s awards recognize technical accomplishments as well as dedicated service to SPIE. It recognizes dedicated support of SPIE’s organizational mission.

SPIE Gold Medal: Mr. Akresh Lakhtakia
was recognized for his pioneering research on electromagnetic fields in composite materials, including isotropic chiral media, biisotropic materials, composite materials, metamaterials, and nanomaterials.

SPIE President’s Award: Katie Schwartz
Recognizes significant contributions to SPIE and the optical community through efforts to advance optical system design, engage students, and share the joy of optics with the general public. Ta.

SPIE Director’s Award: Halina Rubinstein-Dunlop
In recognition of her pioneering research in optics and photonics, as well as her significant contribution to SPIE as a leading figure in promoting educational programs and supporting women in science.

SPIE Moko Prize: Mr. Andrea Allu
was recognized for his energetic contributions to the field of optical metamaterials and the application of optical metamaterials to wavefront manipulation and enhancement of nonrepetitive and nonlinear phenomena.

SPIE Moiko Award: Mr. Teri W. Odom
Awarded for his significant contributions to the field of nanophotonics and the development of moiré photonics.

SPIE Britton Chance Award in Biomedical Optics: Gerald L. Côté
Recognized for groundbreaking advances in both basic and translational research in optics with a view to diagnosing and monitoring chronic and infectious diseases. it was done.

SPIE Biophotonics Technology Innovator Award: Mr. Ji Xing Chen
was recognized for his invention and commercialization of mid-infrared photothermal microscopy, which enables highly sensitive, bond-selective, non-staining imaging of living cells and organisms.

SPIE Rudolph and Hilda Kingslake Award in Optical Design: David Schaefer
for his significant contributions to the field of optical design, including the design of DUV and EUV photolithography scanners that define the current technological limits of the semiconductor industry. Ta.

SPIE Harrison H. Barrett Award, Medical Imaging: Kyle J. Myers
For fundamental contributions to the field of imaging science with an emphasis on the role of science in the regulatory evaluation of imaging laws.

SPIE Harold E. Edgerton Award in High Speed ​​Optics: Clara Saraceno
for her groundbreaking contributions to the development of ultrafast, high-power lasers and laser-driven terahertz light sources.

SPIE Dennis Gabor Prize in Diffractive Optics: Jürgen Czarske
was recognized for his significant contributions to the development of digital holography and related technologies with applications in biomedicine, fiber communications, imaging, information processing, and laser metrology.

SPIE A.E. Conradie Award in Optical Engineering: Thomas U. Kampe Industry-
recognized leadership in optical engineering, design, and development, including critical Earth monitoring equipment, and work in developing the next generation of optical engineers. was evaluated.

SPIE G.G. Stokes Award in the field of optical polarization: Mr. Curtis R. Menuch
was recognized for his pioneering research on linear and nonlinear polarization effects in optical waveguides. This has implications for basic science, telecommunications systems, lasers, and many other photonics-based technologies.

SPIE Chandra S. Bikram Award in Optical Metrology: Mr. Anand Asundi
was recognized for his numerous contributions to coherent optical metrology and sensing with a focus on digital technology.

SPIE Fritz Zernike Award in Microlithography: Richard Sandström
was recognized for his leadership in the development of lasers and EUV light sources for lithography.

SPIE Diversity Awareness Award: Preeti Jagadev
for her outstanding work in promoting and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM.

SPIE Maria Goeppert-Mayer Prize in Photonics: Iam Choon Khoo
for his fundamental contributions to the linear and nonlinear optical properties of liquid crystals and their applications to a wide range of wave mixing and self-acting effects.

SPIE Maiman Laser Award: Anne Lhuillier
was recognized for her discovery of higher harmonic generation in gases and her contribution to the development of attoscience.

SPIE Maria J. Isuel Educator Award: Mary G. Turner, who
has made optical design education her life’s work and is recognized for her dedication to the optical community.

SPIE Aden & Marjorie Meinel Technical Achievement Award: Mr. M. Saif Islam
was recognized for his highly impactful innovation in ultra-fast, high-efficiency photodetectors made possible by photon-trapping structures.

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