India’s Apex Court Disposes Case Against Adani Group in Hindenburg Matter

India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday inclined- off the public interest actions( PILs) filed last time after a short dealer published a report making vicious and unwarranted claims against the Adani Group. The empire had dismissed the report as being a vicious combination of picky misinformation and banal, unwarranted, and discredited allegations.

Commenting on this, Mr. Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group, said, “ Truth has prevailed. I’m thankful to those who stood by us. Our humble donation to India’s growth story will continue. ” The Supreme Court directed the country’s request controller and investigative agencies to probe into whether the loss suffered by Indian investors due to the conduct of Hindenburg Research and any other realities in taking short positions before the report’s publication involved a violation of the law. The judgment also addressed the supplicant’s use of a report published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project( OCCRP) that made certain claims grounded on unrestricted cases. The Apex Court observed that reliance placed by the pleaders on review reports and third-party organizations like the OCCRP to question the disquisition by India’s capital requests controller is miscalculated and doesn’t inspire confidence. The Adani Group has continued its growth line despite the developments during the last time. In December, the Group blazoned that it’ll invest USD 100 billion in green energy transition over the coming ten times. Five of its portfolio companies have set a target to come to net zero by 2050.

The Adani portfolio of companies has demonstrated robust fiscal performance while further enhancing its credit profile in the first half of financial time 2024. During the period, the portfolio position EBITDA stood at Rs 43,688 crore(USD 5.3 billion), up 47 YoY. This growth outpaced the portfolio’s literal five- time emulsion Annual Growth Rate( CAGR) line of 26.3. The Adani Group also entered important countersign from the US government as it entered 553 million backing for a harborage terminal in Sri Lanka. The backing from International Development FinanceCorp.( DFC) for the deep-water West Container Terminal in Colombo is the US government agency’s largest structure investment in Asia and among its biggest encyclopedically. It’ll bolster Sri Lanka’s profitable growth and “ its indigenous profitable integration, including with India, a crucial mate to both countries, ” the DFC said in a statement.

About The Adani Portfolio of Companies

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the Adani Portfolio is the largest and fastest-growing portfolio of diversified businesses in India with interests in Logistics (seaports, airports, logistics, shipping, and rail), Resources, Power Generation and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Gas, and Infrastructure, Agro (commodities, edible oil, food products, cold storage, and grain silos), Real Estate, Public Transport Infrastructure, Consumer Finance and Defence, and other sectors. Adani owes its success and leadership position to its core philosophy of ‘Nation Building’ and ‘Growth with Goodness’ – a guiding principle for sustainable growth. The Group is committed to protecting the environment and improving communities through its CSR programs based on the principles of sustainability, diversity, and shared values. Further information at

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