HaiLa Technologies Showcases First Wi-Fi-based Extreme-low-power Backscatter Chip, Developed in Partnership with Presto Engineering

Moment, HaiLa TechnologiesInc., a fabless semiconductor and software company fastening on hyperactive power-effective wireless dispatches system-on-chip results for IoT bias, announces vacuity of the BSC2000 RF Evaluation Chip Development and Demonstration Accoutrements. Presto Engineering, a European leading expert in operation-specific intertwined circuit( ASIC) design, engineering, and product services, successfully banded with HaiLa to develop the first complete analog and digital perpetration of HaiLa’s unresistant backscatter technology acclimated to Wi-Fi RFbands.Supporting an SPI interface, the chip brings flawless connectivity to a wide range of IoT biases, similar to multi-channel temperature and moisture detectors.

The common cooperation to develop the BSC2000 demonstrates the path to extreme-low power in IoT bias used in structure, home, and artificial robotization; consumer electronics and wearables; smart transportation; husbandry; medical; and automotive requests. “ HaiLa is pleased to have banded with Presto Engineering on the silicon perpetration of the BSC2000, and we ’re agitated to show our technology at CES 2024,” said Derek Kuhn, President and CEO, of HaiLa Technologies, Inc. “ This is another step forward in our charge to enable sustainable scaling of IoT over wireless architectures, helping end druggies meet their net-zero pretensions through a massive reduction in battery waste. Presto’s long experience in ultra-low power RFID and NFC allowed HaiLa to round its platoon with expert coffers bedded into the development process, delivering the completed BSC2000 ASIC as one platoon.

According to Cedric Mayor, CEO, of Presto Engineering, “ We’re proud to support HaiLa on a crucial assiduity action to help reduce carbon footmark of connected objects. This design has shown that pushing the limit of IoT power effectiveness isn’t only possible but also a game changer for mollifying the cost and waste of battery operation. ” Mayor adds, “ With our deep moxie in RF mixed-signal chip design and ultra-low power infrastructures, we look forward to extending our cooperation with HaiLa to concertedly address new business openings using their unique IP in unborn systems. ” HaiLa’s unresistant backscatter foundational technology is protocol-agnostic. As the most common wireless original area network( WLAN) technology in domestic, enterprise, and artificial surroundings encyclopedically, HaiLa has concentrated its first adaption on Wi-Fi as a crucial structure enabler for IoT deployments.

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