Global Smart Actuators Market 2023-2030:Opportunities in Vehicle Systems is pleased to present the “Passenger Vehicle Smart Actuators Growth Opportunities” report. This comprehensive analysis provides insights into the anticipated growth of the global smart actuators market within the passenger vehicle sector from 2023 to 2030.

The report delves into four key segments: powertrain and transmission, body, chassis, and HVAC systems, offering forecasts for unit shipment and revenue. It also identifies the drivers and restraints shaping market growth and highlights prime areas of opportunity for industry players.

Actuators have long been essential components in the automotive industry, converting energy into motion through various control methods. Smart actuators represent an advancement over traditional counterparts, integrating seamlessly with sensors and electronics to facilitate real-time adjustments. These actuators are governed by programmable logic and control units, ensuring reliability, precise control, and ease of automation.

The report outlines a Growth Opportunity Universe, pinpointing areas such as HVAC Systems in ICE Vehicles and BEVs, Powertrain Systems, and Convenience Features as key growth drivers.

Key topics covered include:

  1. Strategic Imperatives
  2. Growth Opportunity Analysis, including segmentation, key competitors, growth metrics, drivers, restraints, and forecast assumptions
  3. Technology Overview of Smart Actuators
  4. Supplier Profiles of prominent players like Valeo, Mitsubishi Electric, and Marelli

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