GE Healthcare and European Society of Radiology renew collaboration for the European Congress of Radiology 2024

GE Healthcare and the European Society of Radiology (ESR) are pleased to announce the renewal of their collaboration for the upcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR) to be held from February 28 to March 3 in Vienna. The theme for this year’s congress is “Next Generation Radiology.” At ECR 2024, GE HealthCare will emphasize its commitment to advancing precision care and its care pathways approach, with a particular focus on three key areas: oncology, cardiology, and neurology. The presence at the event aims to showcase advancements and innovations in these fields.

Elie Chaillot, President and CEO of GE HealthCare International, said: “We are excited about the continuation of our collaboration with the European Society of Radiology for the latest edition of ECR. Our innovations aim to bring healthcare to the next level by creating insights for better, more targeted, and more individualized patient care. The collaboration between industry, academia, healthcare professionals, and patient groups is critical in this journey to improve patient outcomes and drive the future of healthcare.”

Prof. Carlo Catalano, ESR President, said: “This congress will be held at a time when radiologists are at the dawn of a new era: the era of ‘Next Generation Radiology’. In the constantly evolving landscape of medical imaging, radiologists continue to play a pivotal role in transforming healthcare. For this reason, we are proud to have a partner like GE HealthCare to continue advancing precision medicine, harnessing the power of data, technology and collaboration to chart a new course in healthcare”.

On February 28, Elie Chaillot will join an ESR session alongside Prof. Carlo Catalano, to delve into GE HealthCare’s care pathways approach and the company’s dedication to precision care. In addition to this enlightening session, three clinical symposia will be valuable forums, offering in-depth perspectives from industry leaders, featuring renowned experts:

Precision care includes the need to have a complete vision of breast care, that’s why GE HealthCare’s presence at ECR 2024 will be enhanced by the launch of a unique women’s health mobile screening solution that enables access to care and early breast cancer detection to all women regardless of their location. “Breast cancer continues to be the most prevalent cancer among women globally, representing 25% of all female cancers1. As we are committed to providing innovative solutions in the fight against breast cancer, this unit will showcase GE HealthCare’s latest advancements in breast care e.g. Mammography, AI-enabled solutions, Ultrasound, and Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS). The women’s health mobile screening solution, through an immersive experience, presents an excellent opportunity for attendees to witness firsthand the technological strides in the field of breast cancer,” said Elie Chaillot.

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