GE Appliances presenta su primera lavadora en español para clientes en Estados Unidos

GE Appliances Introduces Spanish-Language Washing Machine Tailored for Hispanic Consumers in the U.S. GE Appliances launches its latest innovation: a clothes washer designed specifically for Hispanic consumers in the United States. The GE® 4.5 cubic foot (127-liter) capacity washer, equipped with a Spanish panel and special soak and agitate wash modes, marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the U.S. market. This initiative underscores GE Appliances’ dedication to providing inclusive solutions for all households.

With the washer’s Spanish control panel and customized features, GE Appliances acknowledges the unique preferences of Hispanic consumers. Recognizing the projected increase in Hispanic homeownership in the coming years, GE Appliances aims to address the needs of this demographic, which have previously been overlooked. The 4.5 cubic foot capacity of the washer allows for more efficient laundry cycles, catering especially to multigenerational Hispanic families, who represent a substantial portion of U.S. households.

David Wilson, senior business director of clothing care at GE Appliances, emphasizes the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of American households. He explains that as household demographics evolve, GE Appliances evolves with them, ensuring that their products align with the priorities of diverse customer groups, including Hispanic consumers.

GE Appliances has meticulously tailored the washer and its companion dryer to accommodate the specific washing preferences of Hispanic consumers. For instance, the washer includes a custom “Add Soak” setting, allowing for gentle pre-treatment of tough stains before washing. Additionally, features like the “Heavier” setting address the need for thorough cleaning of heavily soiled garments through a combination of soaking and agitation.

Moreover, the new washer addresses common laundry day challenges faced by many Hispanic households. Features such as the “Eco Cool” and “Eco Cold” settings prioritize energy efficiency without compromising cleaning performance, catering to environmentally conscious consumers. The “Water Level” control provides users with flexibility to manually adjust water levels or opt for automatic optimization, ensuring an efficient wash in every cycle.

GE Appliances backs its laundry products with a 10-year limited motor warranty, providing customers with assurance of long-lasting performance. The new GE® 4.5 cubic foot washer with Spanish panel, along with its companion dryer, are now available for purchase at an MSRP of $799 each. For further information about the product, visit

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