Gansu Hengyuan Dongli Unveils Future Energy Investment at Summit

During April 15th to 20th, 2024, delegates from the Gansu Provincial Government and the Jiuquan Municipal Government journeyed to the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, also making stops in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Throughout this period, Gansu Hengyuan Dongli New Energy Limited Company inked deals with numerous international solar buyers, paving the way for fresh international sales avenues for Chinese photovoltaic new energy firms. The signing ceremony in Dubai witnessed the presence of Gansu Province’s leader and Jiuquan’s mayor. Ms. Xian Xiaoli, President of Gansu Hengyuan Dongli New Energy Limited Company, emphasized the company’s commitment to “Green and Prosperity Together” as its developmental objective, while emphasizing “Technology Priority and Quality First” as its guiding principles in both domestic and international market explorations.

In response to China’s strategic initiative of “Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality,” Gansu Hengyuan Dongli New Energy Limited Company initiated a 6GW photovoltaic module base project in Jiuquan City. Covering 152 mu and requiring an investment of approximately 4 billion yuan RMB (about 553 million USD), this project has seen the completion and operation of a 2.4GW production line, with additional lines currently under construction. Plans are also underway for a 5GW high-efficiency battery base project, covering about 240 mu and requiring a similar investment. To establish a comprehensive Hengyuan new energy equipment manufacturing industrial chain and construct a new energy equipment manufacturing industry demonstration park, the company intends to establish an inverter factory, a photovoltaic bracket factory, and a wire and cable factory, covering an area of roughly 160 mu and investing around 2 billion yuan.

Hengyuan Photovoltaic Module prioritizes high power output and exceptional reliability, aiming to reduce overall system costs and enhance investor returns. Utilizing state-of-the-art high-efficiency intelligent production line equipment, it offers various product specifications such as 182 and 210. Collaborations with numerous renowned enterprises domestically and abroad have been forged to jointly advance the R&D and application of new energy technologies. Additionally, a New Energy Technology Research Institute has been established in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, led by a team of national experts and academicians from China, dedicated to R&D investments in new energy technologies. This ensures continuous upgrading and iteration of enterprise industrial technologies, fostering rapid development of new energy industries locally and in western regions.

These initiatives reflect Gansu Hengyuan Dongli New Energy Limited Company’s vision for photovoltaic new energy development, anchored in western China yet serving the nation and extending to Central Asia and global markets.

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