First Solar Achieves EPEAT Climate+ Champion Status, Pioneering Ultra-Low Carbon Solar Standard Worldwide

Today, First Solar proudly announces that its Series 6 Plus and Series 7 TR1 products have secured the prestigious title of being the world’s inaugural photovoltaic (PV) solar modules to attain the esteemed EPEAT Climate+ designation. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the solar technology and manufacturing sector, establishing a new gold standard for environmental excellence.

EPEAT stands as a globally recognized ecolabel, offering independent validation and facilitating the identification of environmentally preferable products from socially responsible companies. It comprehensively addresses the entire product life cycle, encompassing aspects such as substance management, manufacturing energy and water usage, packaging, recycling at end-of-life, corporate responsibility, and human rights.

EPEAT Climate+ stands out as the sole global ecolabel addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout various stages of solar module production. To earn this designation, products must meet the stringent ultra-low carbon threshold of ≤400 kg CO2e/kWp. This initiative enables purchasers to swiftly pinpoint technology products conceived and manufactured with climate change mitigation as a priority, aiding in the reduction of scope 3 emissions from solar installations.

Bob Mitchell, CEO of the Global Electronics Council (GEC), underscores the significance of EPEAT Climate+, emphasizing its role in enabling purchasers and investors to prioritize ultra-low carbon solar technologies crucial for decarbonization efforts. This serves as a straightforward yet potent tool to mitigate the lifecycle carbon impacts of solar modules, fostering a market for responsibly manufactured technologies that embody sustainability.

First Solar’s commitment to responsible production is evident in its advanced thin film PV modules, which already set industry benchmarks for quality, durability, reliability, design, and environmental performance. Notably, its Series 7 modules boast the lowest carbon and water footprint among commercially available PV modules.

Samantha Sloan, Vice President of Policy, Sustainability, and Marketing at First Solar, highlights the significance of EPEAT Climate+ in providing customers with a global standard for confidently procuring solar modules that lower their scope 3 emissions and are responsibly made. She urges other manufacturers to embrace this validation standard and contribute to reinforcing the industry’s commitment to sustainable practices.

First Solar’s Series 6 Plus and Series 7 TR1 modules have made history by becoming the first solar modules to join the ranks of nearly 1,500 products produced by leading electronics brands recognized as EPEAT Climate+ Champions. The company is actively pursuing validation for its Series 7 FT1 module, manufactured in India, with the aim of achieving an EPEAT Climate+ designation, further solidifying its dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation.

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