First CH-47F Block II Chinook Aircraft Delivered to U.S. Army by Boeing

Boeing has reached a significant milestone in its support of U.S. Army modernization efforts with the delivery of the first CH-47F Block II Chinook helicopter. This delivery marks the beginning of a modernization program aimed at upgrading up to 465 Chinooks in the Army’s fleet to the advanced Block II configuration.

The CH-47F Block II Chinook introduces several capability enhancements crucial for military operations. Heather McBryan, Vice President and Program Manager for Cargo Programs at Boeing, highlighted the aircraft’s improvements: “The CH-47F Block II provides capability improvements allowing the U.S. Army to lift more, fly farther, and maintain their aircraft better than ever before. This modernization program ensures that the Chinook remains a vital asset in multi-domain operations.”

Key enhancements of the CH-47F Block II include an upgraded drivetrain, reinforced airframe, and enhanced fuel system. These upgrades enable the helicopter to handle an additional 4,000 pounds of maximum gross weight and extend mission radii for nearly all payloads. Importantly, the aircraft’s design accommodates future technology upgrades, ensuring adaptability to evolving operational needs.

Viva Kelly, Acting Project Manager for U.S. Army Cargo Helicopters, emphasized the strategic significance of the CH-47F Block II: “As the Army’s Heavy Lift platform of tomorrow, the CH-47F Block II enhances capability while fulfilling the Army’s requirement for rapid response across diverse operational environments.”

Boeing’s Block II program also prioritizes aircraft sustainment improvements. The enhanced reliability of the new rotor system minimizes unscheduled maintenance, while a simplified fuel system enhances sustainment efficiency, thereby reducing maintenance workload and costs.

Boeing, a leading global aerospace company, remains committed to advancing aviation technology across commercial airplanes, defense products, and space systems worldwide. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and community impact, Boeing continues to drive economic opportunity and global progress through its diverse workforce and strategic partnerships.

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