Fii Builds World’s First AI Server Lighthouse Factory in New Batch of WEF Recognition

Lighthouse Manufactories are known as the” world’s most advanced manufactories” and are concertedly named by the World Economic Forum( WEF) and McKinsey Consulting Company, representing the zenith of smart manufacturing and digitalization in global manufacturing.

Introducing AI Technology to transfigure 5 Major Core scripts, product effectiveness Increased by 73%

The named plant belongs to Fii’s attachment Ingrasys, whose main products include AI waiters, HPC accelerators, storehouses, etc. WEF’s evaluation is that” the artificial intelligence foundation model has led to explosive growth in demand for calculating power, as well as advanced effectiveness, quality and replication speed conditions for AI waiters. By introducing AI cases in areas similar to order soothsaying, storehouse and product scheduling, product design, quality, and assembly testing, Fii’s Taoyuan Factory has achieved a 73 increase in product effectiveness, a 97 reduction in product disfigurement rate, a 21 reduction in delivery time, and a 39 reduction in unit manufacturing cost.” With Fii’s global AI garçon request share continuing to rise, it has brought huge challenges to product and operations,” said Dr. Iean Lin, head of Fii’s Taoyuan Lighthouse Factory design.” In order to exhaustively promote the digital metamorphosis of AI manufactories, Fii has stationed further than 30 advanced technology cases in Taoyuan Factory, and has introduced the most advanced AI technology into the 5 most core product and operation scripts.”

Lin introduced that 1) With AI to help demand soothsaying, the Taoyuan plant has significantly bettered demand cast delicacy and largely enhanced product delivery capabilities. 2) By planting an AI-enabled, optimized smart storehouse operation system, not only are the difficulties of complex material attainability resolved, but the time for material medication and order allocation is also greatly reduced. 3) Quality control grounded on AI analysis has significantly bettered product quality examination and outfit conservation effectiveness with a much lower mortal workload. 4) AI-driven automated assembly and testing shops have mainly increased outfit effectiveness and per capita affairs. 5) Coupling AI modeling to ameliorate product parameter design enabled largely effective and tailored AI garçon creation that aligned nearly with client requirements. This was a crucial factor in Ingrasys waiters gaining wide request recognition for their configurability. Benjamin Ting, Senior Vice President of Fii and General Manager of Ingrasys, said that continuing to consolidate AI digital intelligent manufacturing systems and promote in-plant robotization, digitization, intelligence, and energy-saving upgrades is the key for Fii to snappily seize the explosive openings in the AI assiduity.

Earning this recognition will further inspire the operation of AI in smart manufacturing. Beyond Fii’s own installations being distinguished as Lighthouse Manufactories, Fii’s transformational services have now empowered GAC AION’s plant and CITIC Pacific Special Steel’s Wuxi plant to also garner the prestigious Lighthouse designation. Over the once 5 times, Fii has shared in creating 9 Lighthouse Manufactories, including 3 external manufactories enabled through Fii’s commission. This accelerated expansion underscores Fii’s instigation in proliferating Lighthouse Factory excellence. ” staking on our proven success structure lighthouse manufactories, Fii has amassed comprehensive digital metamorphosis capabilities and holistic product suites to beget lesser value creation for manufacturers,” developed Zongchang Liu, General Manager of Fii’s Technology Service Business Group.” For illustration, Fii was a necessary end-to-end mate in the planning, creation, and operation for GAC AION’s recently recognized Guangzhou installation, collaboratively appearing a new energy vehicle assiduity eidolon.”

Presently, Fii’s services gauge 10 major sectors including electronics, vehicles, medical technology, essence, chemicals, ministry, and electrical outfit- empowering over 1,500 enterprises. In response to the accelerated pace of technological change, Fii continues to reiterate and optimize service results, including introducing a digital carbon operation platform and low-carbon value chain collaboration platform to strengthen green development generalities; introducing artificial intelligence-supported robots to help transform from robotization to autonomy; introducing large language models as digital experts to help manufacturing and functional decision- timber; introducing artificial metaverse as a new way of commerce, etc. “ Lighthouse Commission is an important measure for Fii to promote the construction of new productive forces and grease the development of new industrialization, ” said Fii Chairman Brand Cheng. As a public Industrial Internet leader for five successive times, Fii will continue to explore and exercise to achieve deeper and broader assiduity commission and contribute to the high-quality development of manufacturing assiduity.

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