Ferrari 499P: Preparing the Hypercar for the Race Ahead

After completing an FIA WEC race, Ferrari 499Ps make their journey back to Italy, where meticulous inspections and precise adjustments await them in preparation for the upcoming race. At the headquarters of their racing partner AF Corse, the preparation process for these hybrid hypercars involves six critical stages. These stages encompass assembly, thorough inspections, engine ignition, and bodywork scanning, all orchestrated through a collaborative effort combining engineers’ data analysis, mechanics’ expertise, and advanced tools.

Upon their return, usually within hours of crossing the finish line, the official 499Ps are swiftly transported by air to Italy. Batti Pregliasco, Team Manager of the Ferrari – AF Corse team, emphasizes the importance of expediting this process to commence work promptly at the workshop.

AF Corse’s dedicated team of approximately 40 mechanics meticulously oversees the preparation stages, recognizing the exceptional technological complexity of hypercars. With each Ferrari 499P comprising over 3,000 components, excluding internal elements examined separately at Maranello, targeted checks before each World Endurance Championship race are imperative.

Luca Massé, AF Corse Technical Manager, highlights the endurance capabilities of these hypercars, engineered to withstand distances exceeding 9,000 kilometers, surpassing even the challenges of the renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans. Despite this resilience, extensive checks and often component replacements follow shorter races, preparing the cars for optimal performance.

The lead-up to the prestigious race at the La Sarthe circuit brings a notable shift in preparation strategy, with up to 70% of parts replaced. The meticulous six-stage preparation process involves component dismantling, inspection, reassembly, engine ignition, initial setup, and scanning using state-of-the-art instruments.

Data collected by engineers on the track serves as a foundation for workshop preparations, guiding the dismantling process until only the chassis remains. Subsequent stages include comprehensive inspections, engine checks, and meticulous adjustments, ensuring the 499Ps are race-ready.

Before departing AF Corse’s facilities, the hypercars undergo a final scanning procedure to verify correct assembly, adhering to FIA standards. This thorough preparation regimen ensures that Ferrari 499Ps are primed to excel on the track, embodying the pinnacle of racing excellence.

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