FDA Clears nCommand Lite by IONIC Health: GE HealthCare Announcement

GE HealthCare Receives FDA Clearance for IONIC Health’s nCommand Lite System GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC) has announced the U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for IONIC Health’s nCommand Lite technology. This innovative system, which is vendor-agnostic and supports multiple modalities, will be exclusively distributed by GE HealthCare. nCommand Lite facilitates remote patient scanning, enables remote viewing and review of images, and allows connection to off-site experts who can provide real-time guidance to technologists operating the scanner. These features support training, procedure assessment, and scanning parameter management.

Amidst reports of significant staff shortages in radiology departments, with vacancy rates reaching record highs, health systems are seeking innovative solutions to address operational challenges and workforce shortages. GE HealthCare aims to meet these needs by offering solutions that streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and alleviate staff burdens. As part of its commitment to remote operations, GE HealthCare launched an enhanced version of Digital Expert Access and entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with IONIC Health in November 2023.

Rekha Ranganathan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Imaging Platforms and Digital Solutions at GE HealthCare, emphasized the company’s dedication to investing in remote operations to support healthcare institutions’ current and future needs. The goal is to provide solutions that enhance patient access, particularly for those requiring complex care and expert technologist support.

The nCommand Lite system allows off-site experts to guide technologists operating the scanner in real-time. With its vendor-agnostic, multi-modality capabilities, nCommand Lite offers a unique remote scanning solution that streamlines workflow across different imaging fleets. The technology is designed for low bandwidth consumption, ensuring an optimized user experience and seamless collaboration.

José Leovigildo Coelho, CEO and Co-founder of IONIC Health, expressed excitement about the FDA clearance for nCommand Lite in the U.S. Leveraging multi-modality functionalities and advanced technology, nCommand Lite addresses staffing shortages and facilitates access to expert technologists. The collaboration between IONIC Health and GE HealthCare aims to expand access to nCommand technology globally.

Overall, the FDA clearance of nCommand Lite represents a significant advancement in remote operations in healthcare, offering a solution to address staffing challenges and enhance patient care through innovative technology and strategic collaborations.

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