FANUC America Showcases Latest PLC/CNC Motion Controller at MODEX 2024

FANUC America Corporation, a global leader in automation, is set to reveal its latest innovation, the Power Motion i-MODEL A Plus (PMi-A Plus) combined PLC/CNC motion controller, at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. Renowned for its cutting-edge control and servo technology, reliability, and CNC machine tool support, FANUC now extends its capabilities to general motion control equipment with the PMi-A Plus.

At booth B-4026, visitors will witness the PMi-A Plus in action, seamlessly controlling FANUC’s new Alpha i-D Series Servos and Drives to operate an Automatic Storage Retrieval System (ASRS), managed by a FANUC CRX-10iA collaborative robot. This demonstration showcases the PMi-A Plus effectively managing seven axes simultaneously, while the collaborative robot handles various product picks from bins.

Jon Heddleson, General Manager of FANUC America’s Factory Automation, emphasizes, “This ASRS demonstration highlights FANUC’s commitment to offering comprehensive automation solutions to the supply chain industry, integrating our factory automation and cobot product lines seamlessly.”

Integration of the CRX cobot is facilitated through FANUC’s Robot ON-SITE platform, streamlining connectivity between FANUC cobots or robots and FANUC CNC systems. With the platform’s capability to connect up to four FANUC cobots or robots to a single FANUC CNC, true lights-out production becomes achievable.

Given that the PMi-A Plus serves as the controller for the automated cell, the need for an additional programmable logic controller is eliminated. Moreover, additional FANUC technology showcased in this demonstration includes the new industrial PC iPC, featuring a durable touchscreen HMI with enhanced processing speeds and secure connectivity, along with customized graphical screens facilitated by FANUC Picture for simplified operability.

The Power Motion i-MODEL A Plus boasts the ability to control multiple pieces of industrial equipment and execute multiple programs simultaneously and independently. With support for up to 32 total control axes grouped into 10 independent control paths, each path capable of handling up to 24 axes and four axes of simultaneous motion, the PMi-A Plus offers advanced functionality for flexible motion control utilizing position, speed, torque, and/or pressure feedback. Ideal applications for the PMi-A Plus include controlling machines used for filling, winding, printing, packaging, stamping, and more.

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