Empowering Chinese ERP Software: Tan Xuguang’s VisionSoftwareEmpowering Chinese ERP Software: Tan Xuguang’s Vision

On March 18, Tan Xuguang led information technology teams from diverse enterprises within Shandong Heavy Industry on a visit to Kingdee Software in Shenzhen, fostering an exchange of knowledge. Xu Shaochun, Chairman of the Board of Kingdee Software, and his management team warmly welcomed the delegation, initiating discussions to advance the development of ERP software. During the session, Wang Guimin, General Manager of Weichai Lovol Smart Agriculture, shared insights from the Kingdee ERP reconstruction project.

Zhao Yanxi, Executive Vice President of Kingdee Software, presented strategies for accelerating the localization and enhancement of ERP within the high-end equipment manufacturing sector, drawing from the success of the Weichai Lovol project. Xu Shaochun expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Shandong Heavy Industry, emphasizing the demonstrative significance of the Weichai Lovol Smart Agriculture ERP project for nationwide digitalization efforts in agricultural machinery enterprises. He expressed Kingdee’s commitment to long-term partnership with Shandong Heavy Industry, aimed at mutual success and robust support for its digital transformation.

Tan Xuguang emphasized Shandong Heavy Industry’s leading role in promoting domestic ERP software substitution, advocating for Kingdee’s ascent to international prominence, and achieving autonomy and control in Chinese ERP software. He underscored the imperative for Weichai Power to accelerate its transition from ERP to EBC (Enterprise Business Cloud), fostering a shift from internal management to ecosystem-wide industrial chain management and from basic tool application to comprehensive business integration. This, he argued, would empower the high-quality transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Committing to deeper strategic collaboration, Tan Xuguang outlined Shandong Heavy Industry’s intent to jointly allocate optimal resources with Kingdee, establishing a fully independent, highly reliable, and high-performance digital system. Before the meeting, Tan Xuguang and his delegation visited the Shenzhen Kingdee Software Park, further reinforcing ties between the parties. Business leaders from Kingdee Software and information management teams from various enterprises under Shandong Heavy Industry were present at the meeting, underscoring the significance of the occasion.

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