Ecopetrol visits Tenaris in Mexico to gain insights from its expertise in geothermal solutions

Ecopetrol and the Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP) recently visited Tamsa, Tenaris’s seamless pipe mill in Veracruz, Mexico, to gain insights into the company’s expertise in materials for geothermal applications.

During the visit, the delegation toured the geothermal wells of Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and reviewed the solutions developed by Tenaris for geothermal applications, including proprietary steel grades for enhanced performance.

The group also visited the Rig Direct® Academy, Tenaris’s test and training rig, where they conducted trials of the TenarisHydril Blue® premium connection to demonstrate its effectiveness in demanding geothermal conditions. “Having Tenaris on board helps us reduce the learning curve and mitigate risks in material selection for geothermal wells in aggressive environments, hydrogen production, CO2 transportation, and storage—these solutions would strongly contribute to Ecopetrol’s strategy,” said Miguel Mateus, who oversees well integrity at Ecopetrol.

Edgar Pérez, responsible for geothermal projects at ICP, highlighted Tenaris’s impact on product design for geothermal wells. “Tenaris has developed casing to meet the temperature and pressure conditions of Colombian geothermal systems, both volcanic and sedimentary,” noted Pérez.

“Sharing experiences accelerates and ensures the development of the project by anticipating and avoiding potential problems. This enhances the advancement of geothermal well drilling,” added Patricia Barragán, technical sales manager at Tenaris.

While in Veracruz, the delegation also had the opportunity to tour Tenaris’s seamless pipe mill and learn firsthand about the production process of the technologies and products they use at their rigs.

Tenaris has a long-standing relationship with Ecopetrol, serving their operations in Colombia across diverse environments—from complex deep wells to mature fields—under the Rig Direct® service model, which supports customers throughout their drilling projects.

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