DEWALT Unveils XR POWERPACK™: Next-Gen 20V MAX* Batteries and Tools

DEWALT, a Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) brand and leader in jobsite solutions, announced the launch of its first 20V MAX* tabless cell battery, the XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah (DCB2108). This new battery, featuring tabless cell technology, delivers 50% more power and a longer lifespan, enhancing the future of cordless jobsites. It joins the revitalized XR® portfolio, showcasing DEWALT’s top-performing 20V MAX* batteries and power tools.

“For a century, DEWALT has led the industry, bringing innovative products to life,” said Frank Mannarino, General Manager of DEWALT, Stanley Black & Decker. “The introduction of a tabless battery in the XR® line continues DEWALT’s legacy of advancing tools and technology, providing superior power and productivity for professionals.” The updated XR® line distinguishes DEWALT’s battery and tool platforms based on user needs, housing the best performing 20V MAX* batteries and power tools for demanding applications.

XR® Battery Line Expansion: XR POWERPACK™ and XR POWERSTACK™

With XR POWERPACK™ and XR POWERSTACK™ batteries, the XR® line now includes DEWALT’s most innovative battery technology. The XR POWERPACK™ is ideal for power and runtime, while the XR POWERSTACK™ offers compact power for optimal ergonomics.

Tabless battery technology in the XR POWERPACK™ enhances energy flow by distributing power through multiple tabs, increasing surface area and power output. The XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah battery, DEWALT’s best performing 20V MAX* 8 Ah battery, provides 50% more power and a longer lifespan.

Designed with a durable, overmolded base, the battery is highly resistant to impact and weather. An LED indicator shows the battery’s state-of-charge to prevent workflow interruptions.

The XR POWERPACK™ 8 Ah battery will be available soon.

DEWALT Expands XR® Tool Line

DEWALT introduces new and improved tools within the XR® line, including:

  • 20V MAX XR® 1/2 in. Hammer Drill (DCD1007)**: DEWALT’s most powerful 20V MAX hammer drill
  • 20V MAX XR® 3 Speed High Torque ¼ in. Impact Driver (DCF860)**: Highest max torque 20V MAX impact driver
  • 20V MAX 2-1/4 Peak HP Dedicated Plunge Router (DCW620)**: World’s first 20V MAX plunge router

Additionally, DEWALT FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ and XR® POWER DETECT™ tools will be rebranded as XR®, including:

  • 20V MAX XR® 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw (DCS590)**: Most powerful 20V MAX circular saw
  • 20V MAX XR® Reciprocating Saw (DCS384)**: Fastest cutting 20V MAX reciprocating saw
  • 20V MAX XR® 4 ½”- 5” Angle Grinder (DCG410)**: Part of the top-performing 20V MAX angle grinders from DEWALT

For more information on the new DEWALT XR® portfolio, visit DEWALT XR.

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18 volts.

**Performance claims based on internal testing and comparisons with previous DEWALT models.

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