Deepening “Belt and Road” Initiatives: Remarkable Global Expansion for DENZA in 2023

As a luxury new energy brand co-created by BYD, a leader in new energy vehicles, and Mercedes-Benz, the innovator of the gasoline auto, DENZA has globalization in its DNA. Not only are all its products designed for global followership, but it also aspires to be a leading global new energy luxury auto brand. Guided by a global strategy, DENZA laboriously embraces and implements the” Belt and Road” action, erecting a global brand image, honing its internal strengths, and achieving remarkable success both domestically and internationally. 2023 marks DENZA’s initial time on the transnational stage, with significant appearances at top global bus shows, similar as the Bangkok International Motor Show in March, visited by former Prime Minister Prayut Chan- o- cha; the Munich International Motor Show in September, where its European debut was extensively accredited; the Japan Mobility Show in October, where it stood out as the sole Chinese luxury auto brand and secured its first transnational order; the Thailand International Motor Expo in November, where the DENZA N7 continued its transnational trip following the DENZA D9; and the Hong Kong International Auto Show in December, where the DENZA D9 made its debut and opened for-orders. With a steady and orderly transnational expansion, DENZA has not only won the hearts of global media and guests but has also laid a solid foundation for becoming a leading transnational high-end brand, poised to be the” business card” of Chinese new energy luxury buses, reconsidering China’s automotive assiduity and introducing DENZA to global followership. Beyond its transnational success, DENZA has also achieved remarkable results in the domestic request.

Its first MPV, the DENZA D9, with its luxurious features in design, comfort, intelligence, control, and safety, and its felicity for both family and business use, became the fastest Chinese new energy luxury model to deliver 100,000 units in just 11 months, setting a new assiduity record. As of early December 2023, the DENZA D9 has been the top-selling luxury MPV over RMB 300,000 for 11 successive months and is anticipated to be the periodic deals champion for MPVs in 2023. especially, the DENZA D9 excels in both deal volume and pricing, boasting an average selling price exceeding RMB 420,000, making it the loftiest-priced model among Chinese automotive brands. also, it holds the top position in resale value within the new energy MPV member after one time, setting a new standard in the luxury MPV request.

Beyond its fashionability among mainstream families, the DENZA D9 is the vehicle of choice for numerous ultramodern elites, including public actress Hai Qing, notorious television host Yang Lan, and prominent entrepreneur Cao Hui, all-embracing this new luxury. As a colonist combining BYD’s leading new energy technology and Mercedes-Benz’s luxury manufacturing heritage, each step in DENZA’s global trip not only opens horizonless possibilities for the brand but also showcases the charm and strength of Chinese new energy luxury auto brands. In the future, DENZA will continue to accelerate its global development, enrich its luxury product lineup, and produce an unequaled luxury trip experience for global druggies, further supporting China’s trip toward getting an automotive hustler.


In 2010, DENZA, a luxury new energy car brand, was jointly established in Shenzhen by BYD, a leader in new energy vehicles, and Mercedes-Benz, the inventor of the gasoline car. It was the first brand dedicated to the new energy luxury car market. Over the past thirteen years, DENZA has gone through three phases: initiation, accumulation, and innovation. Meanwhile, the Chinese market has witnessed a wave of technological revolution in new energy vehicles, rapidly changing people’s understanding of cars and significantly transforming the luxury car market with the development of new energy. On May 16, 2022, DENZA underwent a brand renewal, embodying three distinct attributes and three leading advantages from the outset. We possess an independent brand, products, and team, and have three core competitive advantages in our products and services. First is the leading new energy and intelligent technology endowed by the BYD Group; second is the leading luxury product quality resulting from thirteen years of joint development with Mercedes-Benz; third is the soft power that DENZA has built to meet the current and future needs of new energy vehicle users – a leading user ecosystem service system. In the future, we aim to create a new luxury and comprehensive travel experience for our users and build a more valuable smart, and safe new luxury car brand.

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